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311 George St
Dunedin Central
Dunedin City
03-477 8009

Huntsman Steakhouse 

Cuisine: Steakhouse, A La Carte, Family, New Zealand

Not good value for money, $35-$40 for main (thank God we had a $40.00 voucher)

Sadly not a good experience in relation to food. Staff pleasant. Surroundings tired, the original carpet I think. Tacked down by the front desk and thread bare.
Prawn cocktail too sweet, prawns doused in thousand island dressing, doubt it was made on site.
The waitress claimed all sauces made on site, apart from the mint jelly, which was brought in.

Are all salads and dressings made on site?

The scotch fillet mediocre. Mushroom sauce, lacked flavour. Chips were good.

The very sad aspect was the salad bar, not a patch on the salads many years ago.

Selection this time included, grated carrot, a banana concoction, a coleslaw reminiscent of Bush Road, Mr Wattie’s beetroot, lettuce, cold peas and corn, a potato salad, sour and acrid tasting.
When we complained we were told it was a German potato salad, as if that made it ok.
The pasta salad was bright yellow, no flavor, and a curried egg salad, bottled onions gherkins, and olives completed the buffet.

Baked potatoes, pre baked and kept warm I suspect, or microwaved, skins not nice and crisp, and not the best type of potato to bake.

Many years ago this simple concept did very well, as it still could today, by offering simple, fresh seasonal well cooked food.

Time for a makeover, better value for money elsewhere.

Thank you for your response Peter, we will agree to differ.
I take issue with your comment on potatoes. Nadine is a waxy potato, Floury potatoes are best suited for a baking potato.
15th May 2014
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