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5 star rating
5 Oroua St
Lower Hutt City
04-562 0007


Cuisine: Gastro Pub Food

I reserved a table for 10 for my birthday on the 19th March. We got there and was shown to our table, where it was all set up, including plenty of water and glasses.
We had a selection of starters, I shared some garlic bread, we assumed it was for 1 person but there was enough to share, and it was lovely, not bad for $8.50
We all ordered a selection of mains, I had the salmon salad, but I asked for the salmon to be cooked as it comes uncooked. It was very tasty and filling and only $21.
My husband and son had the sirloin steak and they both enjoyed it, in fact my whole family enjoyed their meals, my sister-in-laws fish and chips looked good (might try that next time).
We ordered a few desserts, I tried my husbands passion fruit cheesecake and it was yummy, but I was too full lol.
The staff were very attentive and friendly and the meals didn’t seem to take long. What a great night out for my birthday, we will definitely be back again. Thankyou Brew’d.
20th March 2014
1 star rating
64 High St
Lower Hutt Central
Lower Hutt City
04 589 6831

The Foggy Dew 

Cuisine: Irish

My sister-in-law booked a table for 10 people at 3pm on Tuesday 11th March, and we arrived at 7pm. What they forgot to tell us was that the oven was broken and everything would be cooked either in the pan or in the microwave. So there was a few items off the menu. Our meal was awful, service was terrible and my sister-in-law who’s 50t birthday it was didn’t get a drink until later as they forgot (we asked 3 times). We heard through the grapevine it was going down hill, but decided to give them a go anyway.
We obviously won’t be back, but wish them luck!
12th March 2014
5 star rating
10 Nevis St
Lower Hutt City
04-566 9303

La Bella Italia 

Cuisine: Italian, Pizza, Deli, Family

Me and a few friends had lunch here today. Wednesday 19th Feb. I had Antipasti, Il classico, which was a selection of cheeses and meats and a few olives and pickles and bread. It was very tasty, and just enough for a lunch. And at $21 not too expensive.
I loved the atmosphere and the staff were very good.
I definitely will be back.
19th February 2014
1 star rating
814 High St
Lower Hutt City
04 577 3388

King Kiwi 

Cuisine: Fish & Chips, Fast Food

Ordering was ok, no long queues. Friendly staff too. But I ordered 2 fish, 2 large portions of chips, 1 sausage and 2 spring rolls. When I received my order I went out to the car and thought I would have a quick look before I drove home, even though we only live up the road, 2 minutes drive away. I peeked in and the sausage was missing. So I took it back in and waited 10 minutes. Then drove home.
When we got home (2 mins later) the fish was slightly under cooked, the spring roles were very cold and wait for it…. we had 25 chips. I don’t normally count them but I did ask for 2 large portions of chips. And at $2.80 each I wouldn’t mind a bit more.
I should have taken them back but after a long tiring day, who can be bothered. So I don’t think we will be going back. No thank you.
12th December 2013

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5 star rating
21 Cochrane St
Lyall Bay
Wellington City
04 387 2277

Spruce Goose 

Cuisine: Cafe

Me and a friend popped in for a drink and a bite on Tuesday and was welcomed warmly.
I had a cup of tea, which would have been better slightly warmer. But tasted lovely. And we ordered two cheese, pumpkin and spinach scones. They tasted divine, with a hint of some kind of spice. Lovely. I had to go back inside for some sugar for my tea, and the waitress asked us if we wanted a knife to go with our scones, hahaha yes please, as it would be hard to spread the butter on without. But we will definitely be back, as all new places has a few little problems, and we loved the atmosphere and scenic views. I wish them well. :)
23rd December 2013
4 star rating
2 Grey St
Wellington Central
Wellington City
04-495 7867

Arizona Bar 

Cuisine: American (Traditional), Mexican, Cajun / Creole

Went here for a meal (23/2) and my garlic prawn main was delicious. AND I received a free house wine which was lovely. Even though $30 is a little pricey for what it was. But overall nice.
23rd February 2013
1 star rating
514 High St
Lower Hutt Central
Lower Hutt City
04 589 8567


Cuisine: Chicken, Fast Food

Well where do I start! Got to the new KFC and there was nowhere to park. I was expecting this seeing as it is a new store.
But inside was utter chaos.
There’s barriers but god only knows where you queue. It was packed with people complaining to the person next to them.
I finally got to the till and paid, he gave me a ticket with the number 2001 on, but there was a huge screen above me with the numbers 1913 on. So I asked a passing staff member if I’ve got to wait ages and she said ‘oh that’s not working’ and rushed off.
After 35 mins and listening to a couple complain next to me (there was even an old man struggling to stand, waiting) finally got my order.
Got home and the fries were cold and soggy and the chicken was abit tasteless and very greasy. They had put 19 spoons in, I don’t think I need that much.
So I think my days visiting KFC are over.
Thanks but no thanks.
And I know it takes a while for a new store to get on its feet but this was an awful experience.
23rd September 2012

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4 star rating
296 Jackson St
Lower Hutt City
04 568 2555

Lone Star Cafe 

Cuisine: American (Traditional)

Went to Lone Star for my son’s 18th birthday and have never been before. First impressions were very good. We were shown to the bar area until our table was ready. We waited about half an hour which was great then to our table. We ordered and waited about 45 mins when our niece (aged 10) got her meal and 20 mins later our meals came. She was abit bored watching us eat but our meals were gorgeous.
I had the prawn star, which was king prawns in a garlic and chilli sauce with rice and salad. My husband had steak which he said was really tasty but he did’nt finish the onion rings because they were mostly batter and not enough onion.
We asked for water in a jug to share and it came straight away. The waitress who served us was great. So no faults really. Maybe next time I would’nt want to wait as long and maybe some colouring sheets for our neice to do as she was abit bored. But overall a nice experience. Loved the feel of the place, with the Johnny Cash and cowboys and indians pics. And they even brought out a dessert with a candle in for my sons birthday, right at the end! He really enjoyed himself. Thankyou.
15th July 2012
5 star rating
298-300 High St
Lower Hutt Central
Lower Hutt City
04-569 2281

Top Jade Restaurant 

Cuisine: Chinese, Asian

We have dined here a few times and every single time it has been brilliant. The waitress is always very helpful and polite. We only had to wait about 15 mins and our meal was here. We always order the chicken and sweetcorn soup to start as its the most tasty soup I have tasted in years. Then we have a selection of sweet and sour pork to orange beef to garlic prawns (which are to die for) and lots of rice and share, so we can taste different things. And boy it is good. I was stuffed!
So Top Jade, well done and keep up the good work, we’ll definately be back again and again.
7th July 2012
5 star rating
198 Jackson St
Lower Hutt City
04-586 5819

Beannie Cafe 

Cuisine: Cafe

I’m part of a yoga group who has started using this cafe because it is close to where we do yoga and we heard it was good and affordable.
But it is more than just good and affordable.
The staff actually go out of there way to help you and the food is gorgeous.
I don’t drink coffee but the hot chocolate is brilliant, really tasty. I tried the quiche and it was absolutely gorgeous, and well presented.
Well done to the owners Bev and Annie.
13th March 2012
1 star rating
11 Logan St
Upper Hutt
Upper Hutt City
04-529 0002

Vision at Cossie Club 

Cuisine: A La Carte, Family

Aug 2011
We met up with a few work colleagues for a meal, we had never been to the Cossie club before as we are members of Petone Working mans club. We ordered with a really nice girl.
I decided to have the carvery, so I was given a ticket to take to the chef. I gave my plate to the chef and pointed out the food I wanted, which was beef, carrots, potatoes, kumara, pumpkin, broccolli and gravy.
And it looked great, but looks can be deceiving!
The beef was very stringy, the carrots were so hard I could’nt actually bite them, same as the broccolli and pumpkin. The kumara was lovely and the gravy was hot.
But the one plate was all you got for the price.
So I went home and had beans on toast, because I was starving!
So I think I will stick to the Petone working mans club, which has the best food Ive had in years.
I will never go back ever!
29th November 2011
5 star rating
47 Udy St
Lower Hutt City
06 568 5404

Petone Working Men's Club 

Cuisine: Bar Food, Buffet, Family, Gastro Pub Food

Visited: Sept 2011
We’ve been a couple of times, as we are members of the club. And the restaurant upstairs is awesome. I think it was about $21 per person, but it is a buffet style meal, and you can keep going back for more.

There is a section for starters, and a section for main and a section for desserts. And you just go and get what you want and go back to your table.

I had garlic mushrooms for starters, then I had a carvery style meal with sliced beef, carrots, green beans, kumara and pumpkin and potatoes, with gravy. It was so tasty my mouth is actually watering thinking about it.
The staff are so friendly and go out of their way to help you.
Me and my husband agree that it is the best food around, in a great calm atmosphere. We are proud to be members of a great club!
I would recommend it to anyone, especially people with small children.
29th November 2011
5 star rating
354 Jackson St
Lower Hutt City
04 891 0493

Buddha Stix 

Cuisine: Thai

Tues, 29th November 2011. When we were first shown the menu there was a bit of confusion. The set menu was for up to 5 people but we thought it was a set menu for each person.
But after we cleared that up we ordered, and a really nice girl got us some drinks, and within 15 mins our food was here. It tasted divine!
I liked the fish dish in a kind of sauce, and the hoi sin sauce dish with lots of veg was really tasty. There was a green curry dish which was abit hot for us so the kind waiter took it to the chef who put some cream in for us to cool the spice down. How nice. But overall we had an amazing night, great atmosphere, great food and great staff.
I definately would go back again. And the set meal was only $28 and me and my husband shared, which was plenty for both of us. Awesome!
29th November 2011
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