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21 The Octagon
Dunedin Central
Dunedin City
03-477 6080

Ra Cafe & Bar 

Cuisine: Cafe, Breakfast, Brunch, Tapas/Small Plates

I already knew that customer Service was unfashionable these days but didn’t realise quite how out of vogue it had become until I visited Ra Bar last weekend for brunch. The waitress who came to offer us pepper from one of those ridiculously huge pepper grinders carelessly swung it from my plate to my neigbours and in the process some pepper was dropped into my cup of tea. I pointed this out so she took away the (full) tea cup and brought me a clean empty one. I thanked her but asked what I should drink since she had just tipped out my cup and the pot was now empty so off she went with the pot to I assume make me a new brew, alas no she had simply topped up the old pot with the already used bag and as a liker of strong tea I suggested that it would now be too weak so could I get a new pot. She then spat at us that there wasn’t even any pepper in the original cup and stormed off cursing to any who would listen (customers and other staff) that we had the cheek to want a fresh pot. All in all added to the fact that you have to pay extra for things that are generally main ingredients of a meal, the eggs bene is $16.50 for a single egg on toast with hollandaise, $19.50 for two – if you want ham or bacon or spinach with it it’s $2 for each “extra” item the experience wasn’t that great which is a shame as the food itself while not fantastic wasn’t bad and would have been enjoyable had it not been for the crazy waitress who felt that a new teabag and some hot water was too much to ask. If a restaurant is that close to the break even line that it can’t afford an extra teabag (hmmm maybe 5c at a stretch) and some free water I guess I won’t need to worry about avoiding Ra Bar next time I’m down that way.
28th July 2011
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