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Toto’ Pizza

3_half star rating
15 reviews

Cuisine: Pizza

51-53 Nelson St
Auckland Central
Auckland City
0800 868 674


  • Tues – Fri 11.30am – 9.30pm
  • Sat 3pm – 9.30pm

Toto’s Pizzeria has been churning out metres and metres of authentic Italian pizza. Finely crafted by our specialty chefs, once you taste it, you’ll never try any other!
CBD – free for 2 metre of pizza or more
Parnell – Ponsonby – Herne Bay $5.00
Remuera – Grey Lynn – Epson – Mt Albert $10
Point Chevalier – Birkenhead $10.00

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15 Reviews for Toto’ Pizza

Sam C.


11th May 2014
2 star rating
Really disappointed with service and food. Made a phone order at about 6.30pm and was told the next time for pick up was 7.40pm. Thought that was odd in itself but when I arrived at 7.40pm I was told I was too early but the chef will put it in. Had to wait over 25mins from when I was told it would be ready, only to get home (2min drive from Toto) and eat cold pizza which had been clearly sitting in the kitchen unattended while I waited. Pizza was so chewy my jaw still hurts and being cold did not help either, would not bother again!!

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2nd January 2014
4 star rating
Visited here on a Saturday just before Christmas, the atmosphere is kind of New York underground a welcome and refreshing departure from the new slick and kitset restaurants and cafes which have popped up in the city. Service was great ( you definitely need to understand that its casual and allows you to dine at your own pace without any pressure selling from the friendly staff ).

Best of all the Pizza is possibly the best value, most authentic and delicious we have ever found in NZ – we’ll be back as regulars as much as we can. Ciao “the place rocks!!!”

Visited December 2013

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12th November 2013
1 star rating
The atmosphere of the place was good, but it was very quite for a Saturday night. The pizza was average, but what made this a truly bad experience was how they extorted extra money from us.

We had a party of approximately 20 people, and as it was a birthday, we had a cake. Only on they day we called to confirm the booking were we told of a “cake-age” fee, but were told to talk with our waiter about it being waived. We did this on arrival, and were told that they would waive it.

After we ordered and every one had finished eating, a person I can only assume was the manager, approached my parter and explained that he was now going to charge a flat fee($30) to allow us to have the cake. He then did his best to explain this was a “good deal” as normally he charges $5 per person and “all restaurants are doing it”. He also argued that he was losing money as we wouldn’t then buy desserts and he had to pay staff to clean the dishes used for the cake. I can almost understand this, however they only provided napkins for us to eat the cake from.

I’m guessing he did this as the place was so dead, but he did a great job of ruining my partners birthday dinner.

We paid the charge to avoid an argument, and as everyone had eaten, it wasn’t really possible to relocate everyone for cake.

We would not have minded if they were up front about the charges when we booked, but he has constantly changed his mind, as he clearly has tried his luck for a few extra dollars.

Would definitely not recommend.

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Dan F.


27th September 2013
2 star rating
Atmosphere was nice. Meals were moderate.
What was ridiculous was they charge $10.50 for still water. (not sparkling water!).

We could not believe this and the man at the counter was unfriendly. We have been to many restaurants and this is the first time we have been charged for still water.

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16th September 2013
5 star rating
Seriously this is the best Pizza I’ve eaten in Auckland!
The quality of ingredients, flavour and taste is exceptional.
I especially love the 1 meter Pizzas, great value of you’re entertaining and don’t want the usual Nasty cheap rubbery ones from those takeaway joints.
One downside is you can NEVER get through on the phone, from the time they open till they close that line never stops ringing. Best to order on-line and then pick up as you can wait a long time if you don’t!
Also another downside is their website doesn’t allow you to order half/half pizzas so you must try get through on the phone to do so.
Otherwise the best Pizza in town, its pricey but well worth it!…OH and you unfortunately need to schlep to the City to get it!

Visited July 2013

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30th August 2013
5 star rating
I’ve never tasted any tastier pizza than Toto’ Pizza….nom nom nom….my favourite is busciola (vegetarian) pizza….these are mouth watering pizzas, the dough is perfect, soft on the inside and crunchy on the edges, not too thick and very tasty!!! I’d go back any day for those yummy scrumptious pizzas!!! Very friendly genuine service, what more could you ask for??…Thanks Chef!

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5th March 2013
5 star rating
Guys!!! There’s a restaurant and there’s a pizzeria. Please do not get mixed.

If they are saying they are busy, don’t be offended, it just means they are awesome!!!
Tip: just call in to make your order, be patient, wait for 20 min and you won’t regret, believe me :)

I dined in the pizzeria twice, will do many more times.
I love that place!!! Pizza is amazing!!!!

While I was dining there, approx. 20-40 1m-long pizza boxes were taken away, does it say anything??

Check Minos Pizza in Howick, the phone’s often of the hook, if you are in love with Minos, you just have to go there. However, if you are in, you are in front of the queue(of phone orders)!!!

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29th January 2013
5 star rating
Had the pizza by the metre from here using a voucher for lunch at the office – great pizza! the dough was perfect – soft in the middle, crispy on the base. flavours not too over powering. good job! have heard mixed reviews on service, but my experience was a very good one. top job team, and thanks for the best pizza I’ve had in a while!! (prefer Toto’s over greasy Sal’s, domino’s or pizza hut any day)

Visited September 2012

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24th November 2012
1 star rating
We have tried to order pizza from these guys twice and each time they didn’t want to know. The latest was ordering at 9 and they said kitchen closed ! Despite being open to 21:30. Useless, they need to seriously look at their customer service and business plan. We will not be tying again. Plenty of other good options around. Shame on you.

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11th November 2012
1 star rating
Will NEVER try again. Rang at 8.30 for takeaway to be told “sorry we are closed”. I responded with but you don’t close until 9.30 Oh yeah but we busy with deal vouchers. Excuse me but you just lost a hundred dollar sale. Girl on the phone goes HUH!!!

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20th September 2012
5 star rating
Tried this place with Groupy voucher as the 1m pizza sounded really cool. Ordered a vegetarian pizza and it really really good. I would say it’s the best pizza I tried. Introduced to many other friends and they all love it. WOuld definitely go back again. Yum Yum :-). THanks Toto Pizza

Visited May 2012

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6th July 2012
3 star rating
Arrived restaurant was very cold, We where told they did servings at 6 pm and 8 30 but this was incorrect. Got served by 4 different people not very personal. At one stage one waiter asked to fill my wine glass I said no, 1 minute later a second waiter filled it without asking.

One of these restaurants that was great but survives on its old reputation. Would not go back.

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11th March 2012
4 star rating
I ordered the 1 meter pizza twice from this place.

The dough that this places use is very nice, it feels like a fermented dough so it has an aromatic crunch on the slightly charcoaled part and a bread chewy but not dry texture so I’d give an A – to the bread part.

As for the toppings, the cheese they used felt like of a high quality cheese but as I don’t eat dairy I felt that there were too much cheese and not enough toppings. The tomato sauce base however was very good.

I actually ordered a vegetarian pizza with no cheese and I wondered why the chef gave me a wink when I took the pizza away. As I opened it when I came back home I realized it was all covered with mozarella. I mean….what a nice chef! too bad he didn’t know that I am not into cheese at the moment so it took me a long time to remove it. Nice staff anyways, the rissoto balls (vegetarian) were really good by the way.

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26th January 2012
4 star rating
We’ve been trying Italian Restaurants around Auckland that by the way we love after our trip to Italy. Unfurtunately not all the Italian concepts care about the real Italian sometimes you have to try and try until find the good authentic ones that are doing a good quality of food. Toto in our opinion was a great Italian experience nice place, good range of Italian wines and tasty pasta, pizza restaurant. For sure we’ll be back.

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26th January 2012
4 star rating
best Pizza in town, Italian 100%

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