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Thai Container

4_half star rating
30 reviews

Cuisine: Thai

151 Bealey Ave
(corner of Bealey Ave & Caledonian Rd)
St Albans
Christchurch City
021 139 4881


  • Mon – Thur 10am – 9pm
  • Fri – Sun 10am – 10pm
  • Facilities/Features:
    • Children's Menu
    • Out Catering
  • Payment Types: EFTPOS
  • Price Range: Cheap, Under $15
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Alcohol: None
  • Parking: Free Off-Street, Free On-Street
  • Good For Groups: Yes
  • Good For Children: Yes
  • Takeaways: Yes
  • Delivers: No
  • Takes Reservations: Yes
  • Dietary Restrictions: Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Soy-free
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Outdoor Seating: Yes
  • Meals: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night

Please txt or phone order and avoid the rush 021 1394881

Our mission is to satisfy your hanger buds, with traditional and authentic Thai food. if you are not happy with our food please let us know.

We cater for Gluten free and Dairy free, help create your own meal by letting us know if there are certain veges you want to add or exclude.
Looking forward to seeing you here…. :)

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30 Reviews for Thai Container

20th June 2014
5 star rating
This place sells the best Thai food in,friendly,fast and the meals are great.ive tried pretty much the whole menu and none of the meals disappoint me.make the nicest pad Thai or the nicest green curry.definatly recommend it to anyone that wants to try Thai food.

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18th June 2014
5 star rating
Best Pad Thai in Christchurch. Heaps of Chicken and a super yummy sauce. Unlike a lot of other Thai takeaways it is still hot and moist when you get home.

Great service and if you pre order food is ready in time for proposed pick up time, no need to wait in the cold.

Looking forward to ordering a catering order for work from them in the near future.

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17th June 2014
1 star rating
$17 seafood salad. 3 Prawns, some squid and a few pieces of marinated mussel – oh and a free baby crab, all that in a shallow container filled with an onion salad. Rice on the side, at least that was free. Total rip off. Had to go and get a pie to be satisfied.

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24th April 2014
3 star rating
This is a good cheap Thai takeaway restaurant. It doesn’t deserve 5 stars however. It does what it says on the side of the tin and is solid. It’s prompt, no-nonsense sort of fare at a reasonable price. There were lots of frozen veges, some beans, some but not much chicken and a tasty sauce. You get what you pay for.

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Bev S.


9th March 2014
5 star rating
The rice paper rolls are perfection and the homemade dipping sauce that goes with it is divine.
Always friendly.
Seems I can’t write a review without using up 200 characters so this is just fill here.

Visited February 2014

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15th January 2014
5 star rating
So good! Food is fresh, well priced and not a long wait. Everything I’ve order from here so far has been really good and leaving me wanting to try more. The chicken green curry is one of my favorites with lots of veggies included. Fresh spring rolls are the best ones I’ve had to date.

Visited December 2013

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14th January 2014
5 star rating
I would eat here every weekend, if possible. I love Good Food Thai Container. Love.

I really like the concept. You can pick and choose various dishes to share with your partner. Awww, romantic. The food is delicious and my favourite is spring rolls!

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9th December 2013
5 star rating
Best food ever ate so yummy, I had the fresh spring rolls and they were nice full of veggies nice on a hot day then I also got the pad Thai chicken so yummy beautiful food. I go there mostly everyday, it’s hard to stay away with delicious food.

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16th November 2013
5 star rating
My wife and I decided to grab some lunch here before wandering around the central city. The food was fantastic, as was the service! We shared the fresh spring rolls & had a main each. It was all really nice and well priced. The only (slight) downside is it’s open to the Bealy Ave traffic, but that didn’t bother us. Brush fencing would simply carry on the theme of the place.

Definitely a relaxed placed to get a tasty, well priced meal :)

Visited September 2013

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29th October 2013
4 star rating
I am vegetarian and my friends and I have been enjoying these Thai meals. The food is great value for the price!! It is a great place for takeaways as you can txt your orders and pick them up within 5 or 10 minutes. Meals always feel fresh and nice and hot. The vegetarian spring rolls with Thai basil are yummy!! Quick and friendly service.
Also nice and sunny dining area.

In my opinion service is just as important as the food…and the staff is very happy to correct mistakes IF they make them and if you give them a chance!!

I feel sad that some people were not happy with their food, sadder tho that they did not give them a chance to redeem themselves.

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28th June 2013
2 star rating
Worst Thai food I’ve ever eaten…
Got the salmon curry. the salmon was very over cooked, tough as boot leather, it was inedible. The veges looked like they were out of a frozen vege packet , also pineapple in it.. weird…..
The prawn spring rolls were ok.
Chicken and veges was so so.

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27th May 2013
2 star rating
Read the reviews on here so thought I’d give the lamb massaman a try.

Ended up disappointed. Tasted alright, but the rice container was half full (rice is cheap, only Thai place I’ve ever known that didn’t fill the little rice container up!) and the curry itself was half sauce. Very little meat, maybe half a dozen smallish pieces and a small handful of potato and veges. For $15, I’d expect a good meal.. but this fell short of even feeding one person.

If you’re looking for a good feed of Thai food, there are plenty of other places in Christchurch with considerably better value for money.

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4th May 2013
4 star rating
Great food for the price, Chicken Pad Thai is my favourite here often very quick to order so its perfect for (a big) lunch. Also the fresh spring rolls are awesome.

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24th April 2013
5 star rating
This is the best value bang for your buck meal I have found worldwide.
Great friendly service, good size portion and very cheap when compared to what else is on offer in this city.

I had been recommended this place by several people I had met while staying in Christchurch, it seemed to be the talk of the town, people have likened it to the first pop up that arose from the Earthquakes, some really motivated individuals who just wanted to carry on making the best dam Thai food ever!

On arrival I was a little taken back, this isn’t a restaurant, but this is one heck of a cool idea, it’s full of flair, it’s a huge shipping container decked out as a 40ft kitchen, 10/10 for creativity.

Next was the service once again they couldn’t have done a better job even if they tried, polite, friendly and helpful staff, no wonder there we’re people queing up for lunch 10/10

The meal, although it was packaged in a container (hence the name I guess “Thai Container”)
It was absolutely delicious, I had a spicy chicken lemongrass and some fresh spring rolls.
The spicy chicken lemongrass was full of flavor and came with a side of rice all for only $12.50, extremely reasonable, as I have eaten other Thai food in Christchurch which has cost upwards of $16 for the same meal, same size.

The fresh spring rolls we’re once again amazing, no wonder they can’t be beaten for quality service and taste, I look forward to a long lasting affair with the Thai Container.

And I seriously recommend you all try this, you will not be disappointed.

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Dan A.


17th April 2013
5 star rating
Flawless, every time I eat here its amazing! The food is fantastic, and comes out fast, very fresh ingredients. The staff are friendly and fun! An undeniable 10/10 all round from me and highly recommended.

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17th April 2013
5 star rating
Fantastic wee restaurant recommend it to all, never had a meal that didn’t taste fantastic, and although being a tradie I’ve never walked out hungry.
Thanks for the excellent food and great service

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16th April 2013
5 star rating
My partner and I love Thai food and were always skeptical of trying a different Thai place than our usual. We got stuck one night for dinner late at night and thought nothing would be open and found Thai container not expecting to much and thinking me might get food cooked earlier in the night we gave it a gable. To our amazement the food came out piping hot and fresh! customer service was top notch friendly chat from the staff taking the orders I found this place to be the best Thai food I have had out of Thailand.

Customer service 10/10
food 10/10

Finding the best Thai food outside Thailand priceless !

Found my new favorite Thai take away !

A must try !

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9th March 2013
2 star rating
I certainly won’t visit Thai Container again. Bad attitude!

I’ve had the benefit of experiencing good food from traveling widely and especially South East Asia, so Thai food is no strange affair for me.

I would rate the food average when comparing with a couple of other Thai food places in Christchurch that serve properly with plates, ambiance and service with a smile. The reason I rate Thai Container as “poor” is because of their lousy attitude.

I had ordered close to $50 of food snacks including an entree of Pork Ribs ($10). When it was offered to me in a plastic container with 6 skinny pieces of what looked like scrappy leftovers, I was surprised.

I went on to eat with friends the rest of the meal, which were not too bad. When we had finished, I decided to let the good folks know how I felt about my eating experience.

When I approached the counter, this lady who seemed like the owner, asked if I wanted anything (else). I asked her if she would be happy to receive a feedback from me. She looked worried and unfriendly to begin with. Then I went on to mention about me not satisfied with the Pork Rib (with hardly any meat on). She curtly said she had no complains from others instead of finding out why I was not satisfied. She then went on to turn away and minding her own business while I was still speaking to her, practically ignoring me. I left.

I have eaten nice pork ribs at other places.

Just take for instance, if I were to compare with Lone Star Restaurant; for $37 you get 12 gigantic, meaty ribs (including additional FREE Buffalo chips, coleslaw, ice-water, nice ambiance, good dedicated service with a smile and all), it would make Thai Container’s $10 pork ribs seem less than just ONE piece of those Lone Star ribs.

Not for me, this one.

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4th February 2013
5 star rating
Great food, always friendly and patient, like the time I couldn’t find my card.

Food is amazing and the fresh spring rolls are divine!

Never had a main as I love the rolls so much I get a pack for dinner on my way home.

Visited December 2012

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Kat F.


26th October 2012
4 star rating
Thai Container is delicious! Im not even a big Thai Food fan! Well I wasn’t until I tried these people! Those fresh chicken spring rolls are to die for! And the Lamb Massaman is honestly the best taste in the world!!!! Only tiny piece of criticism is that there isn’t a lot of meat in the meals. But in saying that its so yum your too busy savouring the taste to notice!!!

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22nd August 2012
5 star rating
Drive past this place every day, and finally decided to try it. It was delicious!! The raw vege spring rolls were so fresh and tasty, and my tofu, eggplant and chili w/ veges was amazing. Plus prices are fantastic at only $10-13 for mains. Definitely going to be a regular here!

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27th March 2012
5 star rating
Yum!! Love this place! The fresh spring rolls are delicious! And the satay is very good too. And I have never ever managed to order a bad meal from this place…hope they stay! The service is also wonderful.

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19th March 2012
5 star rating
Been to Thailand heaps and have to agree this food is pretty authentic , it tastes like the real deal.
The funniest thing is it really felt like i was there, they have done a cool job of dressing it up, nice to see a good use put to the old shipping container, really brightened up the corner too.
Food was worth the wait, guess i waited a good 30mins for 5 dishes , all of which were really good, good food, cheerful and cheap, scores a 10/10 for me

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17th January 2012
5 star rating
This is such a fantastic little place, it really caught my eye driving past, i had to get a closer look so i went right back around the block to check it out, having read the previous reviews now, i have to agree, it’s best to phone order, i must have got their the same time as 30 others, lol, so waited a good 30mins for my meals , but now i realise that the wait was well worth it.

I had a Pad see Eiw chicken and the Tom Kha Gai, my husband settled for his same old Lamb massasman and boy we’re we pleasantly surprised, not only was the food absolutely fantastic but the owner of the business walked around giving people samples of her famous fresh spring rolls , which I’m now totally addicted to , my husband let out a grunt when i asked how his meal was, that is generally a good sign, so thank you for a delightful time and the food.

let me set the scene,

When we arrived there must have been 20 or more people standing around laughing and chatting, the centre of attention seemed to be coming from the caravan where one of the staff we’re telling the story of how they came to be there, turns out they are survivors of the earthquake which claimed their business in the city centre, generally i would never waffle on but these guys really deserve some recognition here for picking themselves up and carrying on, the cheerful and humorous banter helped everyone there forget about the time and i got a really good vibe there, this it is a place where people can go and enjoy each others company and great food even though we are all strangers it feels as if it pulls us all closer, the staff there we’re great, and so friendly, i can’t wait until they open their container, it really is becoming an icon in Christchurch , so many people love it and i see it all over other peoples face book pages, OK so don’t just take my word for it, go and try it just once to find out about the magic that I’m talking about.

It’s Morereally really good food and it’s at a really good price.

Good on you

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23rd November 2011
5 star rating
I got to say, very cheap price for a thai meal. for $10 you can get a filling feed and it tastes great as well.

my fav dishes from this place is Tofu with basil, plenty of vegetable!

I also love the fresh spring rolls, especially their home made sauce for it, can’t have enought of that.

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19th November 2011
5 star rating
Before i go into detail, one very important thing to note about this cute and tasty food, The wait can be long around dinner time, i learnt this after the first time i ordered food here and waited nearly 45mins, but the food was certainly worth the wait and the cheerful conversation mixed in with a horde of other people kinda passed the time anyway, but be warned, phone or txt orders are the way to go with this place.

OK, now about the food…..
I was driving home down Bealey ave when i noticed the footpath sign, Thai Food, yummy, i thought i would ty it out, it wasn’t until i got to the caravan that i realised these are the same guys that had my favourite little spot in the city so i was instantly happy to see that they had carried on doing what they do best eve after loosing everything in the earthquake, well needless to say i ordered my meal which consisted of 1 BBQ Beef Salad and some fresh spring rolls, (god ive missed those)
I was told there was about a 30min wait which almost put me off, but hey, good thai food is hard to come by , but great thai is worth waiting for, so i chose to wait, and engaged in light banter with a whole lot of the hospital staff from next door, very busy little place, i love what they have done with the whole graffiti art , it’s like a bamboo forest, it looks so neat.

The food was of course absolutely fabulous and so fresh, i was tempted to pull over and eat it in the car , but i made it home and just loved it soo much i wanted to share this with you all, but keep in mind if you dont want to wait then it would pay to txt the order in , i have been back at least onc or twice a week now for the past 3 weeks, and love it so much, good on you girls for keeping the thai food alive, i love your work, and your food, mwah
thanks for saving my taste buds

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16th October 2011
5 star rating
love Thai food, and have ever since i traveled through Thailand, it’s hard to find the authentic taste so when i do i rave about it,
i found these guys on Bealey ave setup in a caravan after loosing their inner city restaurant, good on them for making the best out of a bad situation, and much too my surprise the food was really really good, i was waiting and listening to others to hear what the favorite dishes were but they had too many, i noticed a lot of medical staff eating there so guess it cant be too bad.
I ordered a chicken pad Thai and the satay sticks for my husband and i had the BBQ beef salad and some fresh spring rolls.

my hubby smashed back both his dishes in about 10mins and then went and ordered another lot of the satay sticks to take home, so he is in love with the place now .
My BBQ beef salad so surprisingly quite filling so i only managed to get into the spring rolls when we got home, they were SO yummy , and so healthy i couldn’t believe you could make food that healthy be so tasty

I drive past everyday and if i could afford it i would quit cooking an let these girls do it for me and my family.

I highly recommend them.

Great Food, great taste

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7th February 2012
5 star rating
This place gets better and better every time i come down , the Container looks fabulous and they have certainly put in a real effort to continue to trade after losing their restaurant , there are some new surprises on the meu so i tried a couple of the new dishes and im addicted, im kicking my kitchen out of the house and eating there every night, still need to phone order ahead to avoid any que, but they have put down big kick ass communal tables for everyone to sit at, almost has a dux de lux feeling to it, im loving and and the food.

Sincerely, try their food once and you’ll be hooked for life, i am.

Thanks Guys

10/10, Well Done!!!
It is so refreshing to eat traditional Thai Food, and these ladies are really amazing with their fresh and delicious inventions, some seating out in the sun a nice smooth green curry and their wonderful fresh spring rolls
This has been the best lunch ever, and good on them for making the best out of all the bad things here in Christchurch.

Way to go!

P.S. This place has relocated from the city to the corner of Bealey Ave and Caledonian Road, went hunting into the city looking for them after reading the other reviews, glad I did too, it was well worth it.

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24th January 2011
5 star rating
” Yummy”

They have some beautiful Curry’s here, the Green Curry was absolutely Delicious , and they have these traditional freshly made spring rolls, I’m eating them everyday nearly.

il never get sick of their food.

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28th December 2010
5 star rating
WOW, I have finally found gold, this little inner city food hall is a well presented well lit getaway for people who love Asian food, Isarn Thai is undoubtedly the best Thai takeaway in the city, they display Cuisine and Restaurant reviews about there food which shows the confidence in their natural and traditional style of cooking and Asian fusion art.

The food is fresh and full of flavour, high on my list is the award winning Fresh Spring rolls, and dipping sauce, i buy these daily.

There Curry’s are beautiful and also high on my list.

Friendly staff, great food, reasonably priced, not the spot for a romantic getaway but if you love Thai food, you’re gonna love this.

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