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Sequoia 88 Restaurant at Redwood Hotel

3_half star rating
11 reviews

Cuisine: Buffet

340 Main North Rd
Christchurch City
03-352 9165
  • Payment Types: EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners
  • Parking: Free Off-Street, Free On-Street
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Christchurch’s No. 1 dining offer at Redwood Hotel

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11 Reviews for Sequoia 88 Restaurant at Redwood Hotel

15th May 2014
2 star rating
Really not great value for money at all way to over priced for the type of food and quality of food restaurant was far to over loaded with people did not make for nice dinning experience. Even the kids said it was not that great. This was once a great restaurant what happened ??? This was a place you could afford to take the family out for a nice meal and walk out feeling good. Not any more. Would not visit again.

Visited April 2014

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Rich T.


29th April 2014
2 star rating
I knew this wasn’t going to be a pretty dining experience when I saw the morbidly obese sweatily lining up with their piggish eyes twitching in anticipation of a food orgy. When the clock hit 7pm with snuffles of delight the line waddled into the establishment to be greeted by one of the largest buffets I’ve ever seen. With whispers of “get as much as you can we’ve got an hour” flowing smoothly up and down the line my critique is probably directed more at the other clientele than the restaurant. Let me clarify; the range of food is absolutely obscene, the all you can eat catering for all appetites. The cost is reflective of the Homer Simpson style of eating and honestly if that’s what you want then look no further! Nothing was excellent, nothing particularly bad; I’d just rather pay the same money and enjoy a style of cuisine elsewhere…

Visited July 2013

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17th April 2014
4 star rating
A birthday treat and it was great with a complimentary drink.
Lots of fresh choices and the variety was outstanding. The kids were spoiled for choice and couldn’t believe what they saw. All the usual favourites and I loved the fresh fish. The service staff were outstanding and really attentive. Well done and we will be back.

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10th May 2012
1 star rating
I have never had a worse experience in a restaurant, the food was old and sour and dry, but not as bad as the owner Gordon, what a arrogant man I have ever meet, you should not be in customer service, you might of thought i was a Meir peasant and did not know who i was but in fact i organise many functions for customers and will never never come back to you with any of my customers, in fact i would never recommend you again

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6th September 2011
5 star rating
FANTASTIC! We went on Father’s day for lunch and although it was extremely busy the staff seemed to be doing the best they could with getting people tables. We had booked in advance and I’m glad we got there on time as the couple in front of us were late for their booking by nearly one hour and had to sit to wait for a table as it was very popular. Every time we have come here the food is exceptional and on this busy day it was no exception. The dishes are always fully re-stocked and the food always hot. Plenty to choose from and lots of yummy dessert which is constantly being replaced with more once finished. The staff are very friendly, and there were plenty of staff to clean up our dishes once we had finished. Our requested jug of water was bought to our table quickly and no less than 3 staff smiled at us and told us to have a lovely rest of our day once we had finished our meals. I’m always impressed with how delicious the Chinese food is at Sequoia 88. You must try the honey chicken with crunchy noodles and the chicken drumsticks. I highly recommend the Tiramisu and the Mango mousse is great also. The only problem we had was it was very warm inside with all that body heat and no air ventilation. Best Buffet in town, well, that’s what me, my husband and two boys think!

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16th May 2011
2 star rating
Well very excited to go there the first time. The salads were good as were the desserts. BUT the chinese selection was not only oily but also stale as I got diarrhoea after eating that. The staff were not very helpful, infact a bit rude with an attitude that they are doing us a favour.
On the whole, the idea is very good, the intention excellent but polite and helpful staff will get in the younger crowd as well.

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30th April 2011
1 star rating
I whent to the bar for a glass of beer and told that i would have to pay ten dollars for the glass i was to drink from. I’m no thief so yes i did get my nose out of joint, why not charge us for the plates knifes and forks too.My friends had already started to eat or i would of left. food was not very good so i won’t be coming back.Friends whent last week and had such bad service they did get up and leave [SHAME ON YOU ALL]

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18th May 2009
5 star rating
We often dine at Sequoia and find it excellent Our family went for Mother’s Day lunch 2009. It was crowded ( shows how popular it is) We were surprised to find despite how busy it was, that the service, food etc were still excellent and the staff just as pleasant and efficient as usual. I think your courteous and helpful staff contribute a lot to your great reputation.

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16th January 2009
5 star rating
Thanks Sequoia 88,we came to your restaurant with friends that were in ChCh for the 1st time from the North island.We had a wonderful time the service and the food were exceptional,the staff were friendly.Our friends from the North island dine out frequently and commented,that sequoia 88 was the best smorgasboard they had been to for service and quality of the food,we will be back

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6th November 2008
5 star rating
Went there last week for husbands birthday, the food was great, the service was very good, very helpful and nothing a bother when asked.Am looking forward to going back very soon with more friends. Highly recommended, thanks for a great night.

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20th September 2007
4 star rating
It’d been a while since I’d been to Sequoia 88 and, to be honest, was expecting the old 1960′s feel with old decor and older carpets with food that’s pretty average… and then we returned.

Wow! What a transformation!!! I know, I know… yea, it IS still a buffet restaurant, but the food really was good, the layout does leave a little bit to be desired with some stuff hiding ’round the corner but, overall – WAY more than we expected from a buffet restaurant.

Nice work!

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