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Sand Dunz Beach Cafe

2_half star rating
9 reviews

Cuisine: Cafe, European

409 Motutara Rd
Muriwai Beach
Rodney, Auckland
09-411 8558


  • Mon – Sun 7:30am – 7:30pm
  • Payment Types: EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX
  • Outdoor Seating: Yes

At Sand Dunz Beach Cafe in Muriwai we serve tasty cafe style food and takeaways. Open 7 days a week for your convenience. Note we close at 5.30pm in the winter months

9 Reviews for Sand Dunz Beach Cafe



13th March 2014
2 star rating
We used to love going here to eat.
Bought our dinner in February along with milkshakes.
Burgers and chips along with 3 milkshakes.$56.50!
Food was terrible and the milkshakes were the pits!
When returning with my milkshake which had NO flavour, the boy serving just tipped flavour in gave it a swirl by hand and then handed it back to me. I asked him to put it on the mixer and he replied he couldn’t as I had drunk out of it. I demanded a new milkshake as I had just spent $56.50 ! Response was unprofessional and off putting to ever bother going back to a place that we used to go to all the time. Sad what a change of ownership can do to a business.

Visited February 2014

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21st December 2013
5 star rating
Very impressed! Went here this morning for a pre Christmas brunch with my family. All the staff were friendly and accommodating, the food was fantastic and came quickly despite being a little busy and was delicious. I think the new owners have made a great job with this place and their choice of staff, best of luck! Oh, great coffee too!!!!!!1

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29th January 2013
1 star rating
Unimpressed. Fish & chips with a few extras for a family of six cost $56!!!!! Oh we made the mistake of going on a public holiday so had the privilege of being charged 15% extra. The chips, spring roll, hot dogs were standard price and fair. My biggest issue with the fish and chip takeaways is that they charge $4.50 for HOKI and $6.50 for piece of fresh gurnard. We went for the hoki due to price only to be served pre prepared from frozen hoki fillets that I can buy in the supermarket for $6 a packet of 6-8!! So much for freshly battered fillets of fish. I would be embarrassed to bring visitors to New Zealand and have this served as an example of good food! Uninspiring, expensive and not that great to eat.

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18th November 2012
1 star rating
I have been to Sand Dunz 3 times and every time I’ve been it’s been a major disappointment. The staff are slow and rude, they got my order wrong (I asked for a Mochaccino and got a cappuccino instead) when I asked them to correct it they said that I asked for a cappuccino not a Mocha (despite me being a Mocha drinker for 10 years – I KNOW what I ordered) the staff member rolled her eyes at me snatched the coffee away and sprinkled chocolate on top before rudely thrusting it back at me. I ended up paying $5.50 for a disgusting (now cold “mocchacino”) I will never come back here and I suggest the staff get some customer service training or consider a different career altogether!

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17th February 2012
2 star rating
Yesterday we were disappointed with our experience at this cafe. We unfortuantely made the mistake of ordering two chicken burgers and one fish burger at the diningroom counter rather than at the takeaway window. Two of us had waited at the takeaway window for a few seconds but as there was no one serving, went through the door to another counter. They were staggered when asked for $56+ for these 3 burgers and between the two of them came up with the cash. When telling me, the third person of this group, I queried it and was told that we’d placed our order at the dining room counter, that the order was underway and unchangeable and that we’d get a totally different meal to just 3 burgers. When our 3 burgers arrived, on plates, with a bowl of chips each, we were unimpresed. My fish was average but most of the chicken was left on the other two’s plates as it was tough they said. I’ve eaten takeaways there before and thought we were taking our English guest to a pleasant eating place but as stated above – it was disappointing and way over the top pricewise. 3 Disappointed Customers

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26th March 2011
2 star rating
I’ve been here a couple of times, the cafe food is very nice, albeit a little expensive…I’ve had the french toast, which was very good, and I’ve tried the choc-caramel slice, which is tasty. However, I recently had a bad experience with takeaway side of the business. Last weekend (21/03/11) I was there, and I wanted to buy a bottle of diet coke, so I got in line behind one other customer, and waited for about 5 or 10 minutes while he placed his order. There was only one person working the till, and she kept disappearing. Then, a woman with a bunch of children came up to the counter, and stood on the other side, next to the ice cream cabinet, all her children yelling about which flavours they wanted. By this time, the customer I had originally been behind had placed his order and sat down, and I had been waiting for close to 15 minutes. The girl who worked there came back out from the back, and even though she knew I had been there for far longer (a good 15 minutes) than the woman with kids who wanted ice cream, she served her first. The order was long and involved, and I ended up waiting over 15 minutes for a small bottle of diet coke! If I hadn’t been so thirsty, I’d have left. Honestly, I will think twice about going back there, as the service is both slow and unfair.

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21st March 2011
5 star rating
The location is amazing – literally a minute away from the beach. After a day in the sea, some fish and chips were just what we felt like, and the ones we had here didn’t disappoint. The food was excellent and the staff were very friendly. Will certainly be coming back next time I’m in Muriwai

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23rd February 2011
4 star rating
Found this to be a very nice cafe! Spacious and modern with the best fish and chips I have ever tasted! Was talking to the staff and there are new owners who seem very friendly. Will be back the next time i am at the beach

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23rd May 2010
1 star rating
Keep on driving. Our experience was not a good one. The restaurant was not busy…at Sunday lunchtime(admittedly should have been a sign!)..but we were hungry. Welcome was was pricey..$16 for soup. Food took 20 minutues to arrive and there were only five other tables occupied. That and the “stack”(big toastie) I ordered was cold(manager said it was meant to be(cold toast!?)..then rolled his eyes as I asked for it to be heated up…with took another 5 minutes.
A thoroughly disappointing experience in both service and food..although the cafe itself is really nice with a warming gas fire and sofa. Sounds like some new staff and attitude is all that is required.

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