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Saaj Indian Cuisine

1_half star rating
5 reviews

Cuisine: Indian

155 Lincoln Rd
(Shop 5)
Waitakere, Auckland
09 835 4962


  • Mon – Sun 10:30am – 9:00pm
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5 Reviews for Saaj Indian Cuisine

29th December 2013
1 star rating
Ate here for the first time December 2013 – I got takeaway butter paneer masala, and upon getting it home found it to be totally inedible.

Either something went wrong in the kitchen or there is something wrong with the cook’s taste buds as this curry tasted sickly sweet like they had put a ton of sugar in it.

I have eaten many a curry all across Auckland and this was a bizarre taste experience. I’m not talking a slight hint of sweetness as you get with some curries, but sickly sweet and it actually made me feel quite ill, and it had a very synthetic taste to it.

I should have taken up their offer to taste before choosing, as I would have gone elsewhere!

On a positive note, the staff were very pleasant and the shop was nice and clean, shame about the food though!

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21st April 2012
1 star rating
Honestly, I usually dont bother reviewing a place, but must say something about this place. Me and my gf decided to get indian take out here, 2 curries rice and nann for $25, which wasnt that cheap either. I couldnt believe how un-generous the servings were, they give u the curry in a rectangular box to give an impression of a large serving, but in both there were only 4 small peices of chicken in shallow curry. Unless u have some canned chop chop chicken on hand, for some actual chicken with your butter chicken, dont bother. Can i get some chicken in the butter chicken please? I mean that is what ur selling right? To compare, the $25 bucks we spent had the same amount of chicken you get from a 6 pack of nuggets from Maccas…. (the nuggets being a bigger size too) We have given this place a go handful of times with the exact same result. Last time we go here… If u want butter chicken, hit the mall or elsewhere atleast they give u decent serving of chicken.

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2nd April 2012
3 star rating
soemwhat good somewhat not… a -ok. if you are after a cheap meal then this place is for you. the butter chicken is ncie but yes it has that “food court taste” I wouldnt say no to the place but wouldnt rush back in a hurry. you would need to be in the mood to eat it.

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24th September 2011
1 star rating
Tried the south Indian buffet. The Idlis were tasteless, and so were all the other dishes on the buffet.
Also tried a takeaway chicken biryani, that was even worse! They used ordinary rice (this dish is always made with good basmati rice) and the chicken pieces had less salt. Tasted like some left over chicken curry mixed with rice.Would never make the mistake of visiting again ! Buffets in food courts are tastier!!!!

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26th June 2011
2 star rating
Nothing special, I could easily make this with a jar of sauce from the supermarket, and to be honest, it would probably be nicer. The appetisers were cold (onion bhaji’s & samosa’s), and both were stodgy and not very appetising. The garlic naan was more like a garlic pizza bread; very buttery and thin in the middle. The jalfrezi had too much sauce, and although it tasted okay (no more than okay!), this sort of food belongs in a foodcourt in a shopping mall.

Edible, and cheap, but I wouldn’t go back, and I guess the addage of you get what you pay for is true here.

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