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3 star rating
16 reviews

Cuisine: Cafe, New Zealand

14 Jessie St
Te Aro
Wellington City
04 385 2263


  • Mon – Fri 7am – 4pm
  • Sat 8am – 4pm
  • Payment Types: EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners
  • Price Range: Moderate, $15 - $25
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Alcohol: Beer, Wine
  • Seating for: 130
  • BYO/Corkage: No BYO
  • Parking: Free Off-Street, Pay
  • Good For Groups: Yes
  • Good For Children: Yes
  • Takeaways: Yes
  • Takes Reservations: No
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Outdoor Seating: Yes
  • Meals: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dessert
  • Wi-Fi: Free

Prefab is an all in one eatery, coffee roastery, community hub, events facility and showcase for New Zealand design.

Prefab is a 130 seater eatery space with direct flow onto the North-West facing terrace.

Prefab has a totally fresh and unpretentious approach to daytime dining, from abandoning cabinet food in favour of fresh from the kitchen fare, to cleanskin wines at a flat price per bottle, to free sparkling water and bottomless single origin filter coffee.

The ACME & CO breads and bakery items will be baked and served warm from the Prefab oven throughout the day. And are also being sold at nearby Moore Wilson Fresh – how’s that for buying locally!

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16 Reviews for Prefab

Nat S.


18th May 2014
3 star rating
Been to Prefab a number of times, its around the corner from the office. Found it a bit of a mixed bag. Perhaps its because it lacks intimacy or warmth but the service is very efficient sometimes missing friendliness or genuinity. Food is pretty good and coffee great, but feels a little pricey for what you get. Definitely not one of those places that you know its going to be great each time, bit hit & miss.

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16th May 2014
5 star rating
What a joy to return and find Jeff and Brigit back into the café business with Prefab …… Sensational food, coffee and most of all happy friendly waiting staff always smiling with just the right amount of interaction with customers.

If your tired and boring this is not your place, if however you’re a glass half full type, like to mix with a good social crowd and enjoy great food and coffee, and appreciate dealing with masters of there craft …. Prefab’s for you.

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2nd April 2014
4 star rating
Lunch was lovely. Type of place to grab a great lunch and a glass of wine. Had a lovely vibe but if you are hard of hearing or wanting a quiet conversation…. Be sure to sit on the outer edge or outside as it us quite noisy.

Food was fresh, service quick and coffee just right.

Visited February 2014

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24th January 2014
1 star rating
Everything here was “good” about the Prefab……..which is a shame really, as our whole dining experience there recently was let down by their shockingly bad service. My wife and I came here for lunch a few days ago and we found the place so unfriendly and so uninviting that for all we know we could had been dining at the South Pole!!! No-one bothered to greet us when we came in or to serve us for a good 15 to 20 minutes after we have arrived. And when they did, it was so business-like……not even a smile or a “how are you?” It was more like “what do you want!!” Not even the owner Bridget who knew us as past customers would come over to say “hullo”. Instead she just stood there by the entrance-way chatting constantly to a couple of friends.
So we ate, paid for our meals and then left immediately. We couldn’t get out of the place fast enough!!
Given our cold experience there, we certainly won’t be back again in a hurry.

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18th June 2014
1 star rating
Shame they don’t cover the counter food and people can sit right in front of the plate of doughnuts and sneeze icing sugar everywhere. I pointed this out to the owner but she said most things were covered so if I wasn’t going to order a doughnut then what was the issue?
I have been back twice since and several counter food items still uncovered.
Is this allowed by the health inspectors?

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22nd November 2013
3 star rating
I was there for a quick (late) lunch so fair enough that the full menu wasn’t available so I settled for a BLAT – $14. Even for homemade bread the look of the sandwich was nowhere near that amount; way too much aioli and under seasoned. Real lemonade was quite nice although it was a shame how the ice watered it down to, well, just lemon-flavoured water.
The waitress who took my order was rather pleasant just a shame about the other 1 who was slightly older (and maybe in a managing role) who was putting chairs up and made a big deal of making noise like she wanted me to move.
Prefab certainly has potential and usually quite nice but this time’s a no and would any of my friends or myself be back? Not likely.

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24th June 2013
5 star rating
I’ve eaten here twice. It’s one of the best lunch spots going. Service is well organised and refreshingly mature. The atmosphere is sort of industrial bistro. Contrasts nicely with tsome quirky-period music. Had steak sandwich once and I forge the other. Both great. Can’t recognize some of these reviews as the same place. I love the open-view kitchen too. This place is busy and they obviously have good systems in place. I can’t see it going downhill. If you don’t like this place, then you and I will probably disagree about everything.

Visited May 2013

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20th June 2013
1 star rating
Had lunch at Prefab the other day, ordered some coffees and food. The coffees were quite nice. Service was okay though we were seated right infront of the main door which blew a gale each time the door was opened. I had the tomato, basil and mozzerella sandwich, not the biggest of sandwiches for $12 and was pretty much tasteless. No seasoning what so ever. The fries were average at best and the tomato sauce was unsalted and watery.

Definitely not worth the $55 all up.

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13th June 2013
4 star rating
Came the other day and had my flat white coffee and my toast, the service was fast and knowledgeable beautiful flavours overall everything was perfect..

Visited May 2013

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5th May 2013
1 star rating
Prefab had been recommended to me and I have always enjoyed Cafe L’Affare, so thought I would give it a try with my two daughters for a quick lunch. We arrived just before midday to try to beat the lunchtime rush and got a nice table by the window. The setting is great – very light and spacious. However, the service was terrible. After being seated we were completely ignored by the waiting staff. The waitress seemed more interested in chatting to her friend who had just arrived and who I noticed received a very nice looking espresso within minutes. At that point I gave up and went up to the counter to ask for someone to come and take our order. I ordered a few panninis, chips, some juices for the girls and a coffee. One juice arrived but the other went missing and I had to head back to the counter. The food eventually arrived (which was very nice) but no cutlery for some reason, so another trip to the counter to get it myself. And my coffee never arrived at all. By this time it was nearly 1pm so we cut our losses rather than asking for the coffee. I never complain about restaurants but it was just so bad I thought I would share this experience on this website. I won’t be going back in a hurry…

Visited April 2013

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1st May 2013
1 star rating
I have been here twice. The first time was fantastic – attentive, knowledgeable and friendly waitress, good coffee and a delicious florentine. Having had a successful first visit, three of us decided to go back for lunch. It is no exaggeration to say it is the worst dining experience I’ve had in Wellington.

It was reasonably busy when we went in, there were a few people milling around the door but that is to be expected for a new place with a lot of hype around it. We were seated very quickly and left with menus. Instantly it became clear the food was nowhere near what we had previously expected. We were sitting at one end of a large table, at the other end were two people and as we waited to order we overheard the man discussing with the waitress his surprise and disappointment that the caesar salad came with neither chicken nor anchovies, though this was not mentioned on the menu. So that was off the list for us.
When the waitress came back, we asked for clarification on the menu as it is pretty sparse on details. It was quite bizarre – the burger came only as a bun and pattie, we would have to order salad separately. The pizza was a plain margherita, with no other options. Two of us eventually ordered the quinoa salad, the other the bacon buttie.

Before our food even got to us, a waitress sat a complete stranger next to us. I mean right next to us, she was closer to me than either of the people I was eating with and even tried to push my bag off the table because she didn’t have space for her own. They obviously knew each other as the waitress hung around to chat about their weekends, and made a point of coming over to greet the woman’s partner when he arrived. Absolutely unprofessional to shove your friends onto a table regardless of other patrons. It completely wrecked our ability to chat and enjoy our lunch.

Once the food arrived, there was no improvement. The quinoa salad came with feta, wMorehich was not mentioned on the menu. Both of us who ordered the salad are lactose intolerant and ordered it because it seemed the only thing free from dairy. Given that most of the menu items don’t come with things you would normally expect (i.e lettuce in a burger), it is bizarre that feta would not be mentioned, especially given it is a common allergen. We had both ordered chicken to add to the salad; this was inedible. It was cold, the skin was shrivelled and it had obviously been cooked and left in the fridge for several days. There was also gristle in mine. Our friend’s bacon buttie was stone cold.

The waitresses seemed utterly disinterested, we tried to catch the attention of one to send the salad back as neither of us could eat it but she ignored us. When we went to pay, the girl at the counter didn’t ask how we had found the food.

Appalling service, average food which doesn’t do the basics well, and a total inability to deal with any sort of lunchtime rush. I won’t be going back, and have been telling everyone I know to avoid this place

Visited March 2013

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30th April 2013
4 star rating
A fantastic, if not unique space and style (despite the hype). Plenty of room and light. Basic menu, done well (although having only eaten once I can’t pronounce on everything). Good coffee and reasonably attentive staff, but…too much attitude among some of the more “senior” members. Lose the chip and try smiling! Otherwise, thumbs up.

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11th March 2013
3 star rating
Have been here 2-3 times and everytime the service has been quite slow and staff were not very attentive to the customers ie me. Can get quite busy at times.

The menu and prices have increased since opening…

It is a shame that they are not open on Sundays..

Coffee has gradually gotten better since opening.

Ordered a hot sandwich – mozzarella, basil and tomato. could have done with some salt during the toasting… bread was over toasted so it made it difficult to cut. Other time I ordered the burger which was literally meat patty in a bun – awefully boring… and the other time I ordered this salad Quinoa, wild rice, kumara salad which came with a LOT of white rice which I was not expecting….

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17th February 2013
3 star rating
First time visitor on Saturday and the place was very busy. People were queueing out the door. Good atmosphere although a little noisy with the amount of people there. Great to see the kitchen in action.
I ordered the toast with scrambled eggs and bacon and it was OK, I could have done just as well myself at home. My friends ordered the burger and fries and the tomato mozzarella and basil toastie and a side of fries. I should have had either one of those instead, they looked delicious. I managed to grab a few of the fries which are amazing, particularly with the homemade tomato sauce. I’ll be back, but will be slightly more adventurous than bacon and eggs on toast next time.
Also liked the look of the baked goods on the counter however did not like that people were sitting right next to them and the food was not covered.

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11th February 2013
5 star rating
My husband and I went to lunch there on Friday. It was buzzing, a real mixture of people. I got the toasted panino with REAL prosciutto and REAL mozzarella. It was amazing! The freshly made bread (which you can buy!) is to die for! My husband ordered the burger and chips. The burger didn’t have any greens but it didn’t need it, the homemade patty was juicy and good! the chips were hand cut and divine :-). I didn’t get to try the ice cream but I have it on good authority that it is also amazing! My only regret is that I don’t work closer to it!

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7th February 2013
5 star rating
Wow called into Prefab today and it was buzzing. Talk about an opening day going off to a great start. We were greeted at the door by Bridgette one of the owners with a huge smile and immediately guided to a seat at the Coffee Bean roasting bar where we sat and chatted to Geoff as he roasted some beans. Our Long Blacks arrived within minutes and even better the price was only$2.50. Talk about value for money and to my way of thinking, Prefab will be a place to meet what ever the occasion. Another great eatery for Wellington.

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