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Pizza Hut

2 star rating
19 reviews

Cuisine: Pizza

3058 Great North Rd
(Lynmall City)
New Lynn
Waitakere, Auckland
0800 83 83 83


  • Mon – Sun 11am – 10pm
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19 Reviews for Pizza Hut



9th July 2014
4 star rating
I read bad reviews by others on MenuMania and my sister’s experience wasn’t great regarding Pizza Hut New Lynn. I did write a previous review stating I wont go there due to others feedback but I have deleted that post.

I risked dining there today anyway with my family for lunch and it’s exactly the same as when I’ve dined there in the past, NICE.

There was a variety of pizza and salad foods was yum. Kids enjoyed the ice cream area and pouring own drinks included in the meal price of $12.90adult and $7.90kids is excellent value. It is very clean the dining area and toilets were clean and waiter gave glasses quick and pleasant service.

Glad I did dine there and found out for myself that it’s still the same as I remembered though I don’t recall the self service soft drink station being there, which I like alot:)

Still a Great Family Dining Experience, thoroughly enjoyed lunch today and will dine there again one day soon.

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29th May 2014
1 star rating
First of all this place doesn’t deserve a star let a lone a rating. However here we go, I was looking forward to reliving some great child hood memories at pizza hut instead I was greeted firstly with a slippery floor with no hazards signs, and I thought was an Indian restaurant. The lady who served us was rude who couldn’t speak a bar of English and was as useless as a chocolate tea pot. I then sat down and the place was like Antarctica with the aircon set to north pole/blizzard. The pizza’s were as bland as a cardboard box and as cold as a baby deers butt in winter. The drinks were heavily watered down and the dessert station looked like something you’d eat at a nursing home the mousse was one level below of becoming kaka (sh*t) and the jelly might as well have been water. Toilets were disgusting one broken, one filthy and one which looked like it had the mousse from the dessert station smeared all over the toilet seat. Salad bar should be called Shit bar no variety even the deli at the countdown across the road has a better selection wouldn’t even feed it to my dog. Overall close down you don’t deserve the brand name Pizza Hut that we all know and loved when we were young sproggs.

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Joe v.


14th April 2014
1 star rating
I haven’t had a dine in experience in Pizza Hutt in over 10 years, went there with a friend I can honestly say it’s the worst food I have experienced. I agree with all the reviews below, $15.90 all you can eat was so bad only a few pizza to choose from, pasta was cold, very limited topping and choices. The Indian guy was being cheap or something, no wonder you guys have no business, dessert station have nothing, salad station was no good, pizza station had chips, Hawaiian, a cheese and mushroom one, a BBQ one, honestly that was it. I felt so ripped off, won’t ever go again and you shouldn’t either waste of money.

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Ida M.


6th April 2014
3 star rating
It seems that we went to Pizza Hut on a good day, in comparison to the reviews below.
Aside from that the fact that it needs a good clean and paint, and the toilets really are terrible, it was OK. I wasn’t expecting the Hilton after all. Last time I went to PH was at Quay St, and it was salty to hell. This was the same sort of pizza but somehow didn’t taste salty and I was quite happy to eat my share. Dine in turns a $5 Classic to $8, but we got to sit in a booth, were brought cutlery, plates, and fresh water with ice in it. I’d go back for a cheap lunch.

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16th February 2014
5 star rating
Errrrmaaaaagowwwd, nom nom nom nom, seewwwwww good,

Pizzas were deeeeeliiisss , my mum Kath and sister Kim loved the salad bar, and Kim’s friend Sharon loved the desert station

Kai pai Pizza Hut

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2nd December 2013
1 star rating
I don’t know where it all went wrong!!!

I’ve been going to Pizza Hutt for years before I got an addiction for Dominos and Hells Pizza.

Decided to go in for dine in lunch (One of the last surviving dine ins) and was absolutely gutted when I saw the food.

Pizza itself looked like pizza bread.
Large base with near to nothing topping.
I couldn’t even tell what I was eating the toppings was so sparse. I could taste a bitter after taste from the tomato paste they used. There were 4 pizzas, and I can honestly say, they all tasted the same. Really gutted.

Hot pasta dish was cold. Shell pasta with flour and water…. poor attempt at cheese sauce with dusting of bacon… could of been dust, was too small to identify.

Chips, no surprise was cold. Not sure why it was in the hot dish.

Salad was wilted, beetroot tasteless, cheese looked to dry to eat.

I wouldn’t recommend Pizza Hut to anyone. Despite the fact my son ordered pizza from Pizza Hutt (Kelston) and we were greeted with the same bland tasteless rubbish.

Sticking with Dominos’ and Hells Pizza.

Visited October 2013

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19th October 2013
1 star rating
Ordered last night, the delivery driver instead of actually parking on the driveway, decided to drive onto my neighbour’s lawn! Who does that? Pizza was luke warm and rather garbage. Not bothering again.

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16th October 2013
1 star rating
All the Pizza Huts in West Auckland are terrible. I think the Henderson one takes the cake though. Pizza’s are always burnt no matter what store you go to, the staff are stupid and get orders wrong. Time for PH to retire I think.

Visited November 2012

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Ali A.


29th June 2013
1 star rating
I can’t even give this place a single star. To say it was a horrible experience is an understatement. It started off ok. As the first 6 pizzas came out (all with bacon) I sat there gazing into the sky for a good 30 mins, I Finally asked if they will bring anything out that didn’t have bacon in it. A while later they brought out something that I could finally eat. Frustrated and annoyed I just wanted to leave, before I leave I wanted to use the bathroom. And apart from eating a few slices of pizza this had to be the icing on the cake. I entered the first Cubicle which had a broken toilet paper dispenser and a filthy sink, so I went to the second cubicle which had graffiti on the walls ans urine all over the toilet, so I decided to try the third cubicle which had literally had crap all over the toilet, trying to not to chunder I quickly left. The workers clearly don’t clean or check the bathrooms, which makes me wonder what else they don’t clean properly.

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4th June 2013
1 star rating
Around 3:30 pm when my husband, myself and my brother arrive in Pizza Hut NEW LYNN. No one is dining-in; We were in the counter to place our order but we were told that they cannot serve us, as they are cleaning and preparing for dinner time….This must be the new motto “cleaning first before business”. Mind you, no one in the restaurant and the tables were all cleaned! They should put a new sign “NO DINE IN ONLY TAKE AWAY!!! The Indian Manager obviously is so lazy to serve or do not want any customers at all to make a mess on the table!!! No wonder the restaurant is empty.
Anyway, we went across the road and enjoyed the Subway instead.
Pizza Hut better change your service or your Manager!!!

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3rd June 2013
4 star rating
I’m not an “official” reviewer but I am Pacific and we do love a great ‘value meal deal’ and that’s what it was. Clear communication on arrival, 5 hot pizza’s and fries ready to munch down, simple yet fresh salad bar and self service desert bar equipped with an ice cream machine. For pizza, fries, salad and desert is bloody awesome for $9.90. Be warned to wear your track pants :))

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11th May 2013
1 star rating
Worse service ever, had someone who couldn’t speak English answer the phone, told us to come down, which we did then got told we couldn’t dine in because lunch closes at 2. Wish he had just told me on the phone rather than getting there and finding out

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27th January 2013
4 star rating
I think that anyone who gives this place 1 star must have seriously overestimated the place before they got there- it’s not like pizza hut is known for being a gourmet luxury restaurant. We went there and the food was fine, my friend asked if they could put out some vegetarian pizzas and they did, they had comfy booths to sit in and the chips were nice.

Visited December 2012

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18th December 2012
1 star rating
I was really looking forward to my first time at a Pizza Hut restaurant in NZ. I am from Aussie and the Pizza Hut in Browns Plains is awesome. So much variety.

Went to the dinner service on a Saturday evening. Was told straight away that the ice cream machine wasn’t working. I joking asked if we would get a discount and the girl could not give me an answer. She went to ask her supervisor and we were told no. I thought at least they would of offered us drinks on the house instead. I had 2 small children with me aged 1.5 and 2.5 so they are the ones that really missed out there.

Only a few options of pizza to choose from. The salads weren’t anything to write home about. When I tried the pasta it was cold. I asked the girl if it was meant to be cold and she said no that someone had forgot to put the warmer on. Fresh pasta was brought out. It was so bland. No flavour at all. We ordered water for our table (cause I was not spending another $2 on drinks when we were already spending $18 on the food!) and it took a good 20 minutes for the water to finally arrive at our table.

I was very disappointed in the service and quality of the food. I won’t be going back again. You’re store has given Pizza Hut a bad name in my book.

Visited November 2012

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9th November 2012
2 star rating
We visited this restaurant in September to celebrate my birthday. We had an unlimited budget, however decided to visit here. The last time we were here was about a year ago and had a terrific experience. Not today unfortunately.

The ice cream machine wasn’t working and they had a sign up saying it was a temporary issue. However, upon reading on Four Square, the machine had been broken since July.

The pizzas were tasty when they eventually came out. The salads were fresh and chips were nice. Our gripe was that the ice cream machine wasn’t working. They had a 2-litre ice cream tub sitting in the dessert buffet and there were about 36 people in the restaurant. Most were there for the buffet lunch, as we were.

I believe they should have given a discount due to the very poor dessert. There were dregs of ice cream in the container and they brought out some more which was once again partially used. The ice cream was so rock hard that the other customers had to help one another to gouge ice cream out of the container. There were only 2 staff on the whole time.

To make matters worse, the unisex toilet had no light whatsoever. A bit hard once the door shuts to see anything in the pitch black with no lighting whatsoever.

We commented on the Pizza Hut facebook page and they said we should contact them but email them on their “Contact Us” part of their facebook page, which we did. We received no email and no acknowledgement, nor an apology for our experience.

The fact that Pizza Hut didn’t even follow up, even to acknowledge our email and apologise for our experience would have been nice. All 4 of us have decided not to buy Pizza Hut again.

Visited September 2012

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6th October 2012
2 star rating
We hadn’t been to the “all you can eat pizza hut” since we were kids, so we went here for dinner recently.
The cost was $17.90 for all you can eat food, PLUS $2.00 for pour your own drinks.

There was very little variety of food on offer. There would be between 0-3 pizzas out at any given time, and it was always the same thing – a sausage one, a tomato and cheese one and what might have been a supreme one (i’m not sure).
There were a few chips out, but it it could have been topped up more.
The only options as far as drinks went was pepsi, 7up and mountain dew.

The ground was filthy, and really sticky.

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1st July 2012
1 star rating
Just been in the New Lynn branch, Auckland, as I often went before. A horrible nightmare!
I was there with my 2 year son and I am 6 months pregnant. Served by an Indian man called Mohit, he couldn’t understand what “a large pizza, mixed with super supereme and meat lover” meant, put an order for two large pizzas. When I pointed it was wrong, he seamed quite angry” you didn’t say that”, I repeated what I said, he insisted”you didn’t say half and half” in a even worse silly way, loud. I had to find a better communicator to talk to. Then went out waiting coz I was told it would be 20mins. When I came back in 20 mins to pick up, no one wanted to see me or talk, I was waving the receipt to the boxing girl, she looked at me, decided to ignore. When she finally got closer, I called her out, she ran away again!
Finally I had to wait there for another 15 minutes until all the other customers got their orders, Many of them like me, came back after being called out. Then I had to queue again, got told meals were much earlier ready and they were too busy. During the time I was waiting for attendance, the same Indian staff was free for a while, helping quite a few people like me finding their orders, but no, how would be bothered to help me?
Over the last so many times when I visited there, always a Saturday, I always came back after the order was ready, but there was always someone rushed in front of me trying to help.
I can only say it’s a totally rubbish team which ruined my night and made me decide never come back to them!
After my complaint, the manager rang back, saying he just took over the restaurant for a week, no wonder! And already told staff how to deal with the situation, that’s it!!!
Please do not go, because you will never want to go back again.

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15th August 2011
1 star rating
Not that great at all. Agree with the review below. Not a lot of food to chose from and you have to wait for pizzas to come out constantly. The salad bar is gross. It is cheap but know of better cheap places to eat.

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20th February 2010
1 star rating
Well, we have been there several times, but only because it is a good, cheap place to take the kids and at their request (birthdays). They need to work harder at topping up the pizzas and salads… half the time the salad bar is virtually empty, and what is left in there is dried out and disgusting. And the coffee there is vile too. Still, it is reasonable value for money I guess.

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