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Paradish Chinese Restaurant

3_half star rating
13 reviews

Cuisine: Chinese

582 Karangahape Rd
Auckland City
09-361 6789


  • Mon – Sun 5:30 pm – Late
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13 Reviews for Paradish Chinese Restaurant



22nd April 2014
4 star rating
We enjoyed this place. The decor is different to what you would expect for a Chinese restaurant, which is nice.

The food was honest, real food that seemed to be made from scratch rather than relying on spice mixes and the like. Portions were large (don’t get one each unless you’re very hungry!). Good value.

Staff were pleasant and efficient.

All up, a very good experience!

Visited March 2014

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16th February 2014
4 star rating
We were invited to dinner at Paradish Restaurant last night. Ordinarily, we would not have chosen to go there based on the mostly negative reviews of the restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality, presentation and size of dishes. Although the prices are slightly higher as compared to other restaurants of similar standing, the former made up for this. The size of the dishes (mains) were huge and can easily feed a table of up to 8 (average appetite). The environment was pleasant…clean & conducive. We were served by a waiter who was quite pleasant but cannot say the same for the waitress who took our orders. Although she was not rude, there was not a trace of smile on her face and she did not sound friendly at all. The food arrived quite quickly, in succession. The pleasant waiter who served us earlier finally lost all his brownie points when one of our friends requested for the sweet soup to be served hot. He looked a little reluctant but did say he will try or something like that. The sweet soup arrived, at room temperature. When our friend made a comment about her request, there was no response from the waiter. By 9.15 pm, we were the last table left and that was when lights were switched off/dimmed. Our friend had paid the bill earlier and we decided to leave at this juncture. Although we were not told to leave but thought the action was both rude and blatant. I hope the restaurant owner/s checks the online reviews of the restaurant so that s/he/they are aware of what improvements/adjustments to make. We do hope to return to the restaurant in the near future, to try the other food. One last thing, please do something about the rusty base of your water tanks. It is definitely an eye-sore in the otherwise nice environment. Besides, this is the very place where you place your prized food items…live seafood. :)

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27th July 2013
5 star rating
Im a kiwi, when I think chinese restaurant I think average this place blew me away, decor is really clean and welcoming 5 star presentation, the food was not like anything I have tasted before, top quality and huge meals. Initally I thought it was expensive but the owner told us not to order as much food aswe tried to. NOTE the meals are massive and definitely worth every cent. Been again and again since highly recommended, just be prepared when you go this is authentic chinese and yes their will be a slight language barrier, worth it all day long.

Visited June 2013

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15th December 2012
1 star rating
Will not be eating here again, staff were very rude, I speak Chinese but am German, I ordered in Chinese and I was replied to in broken English, the waitress refused to speak Chinese to me even though she could clearly understand me, her English was horrible and she got the order wrong. We also waited a very very long time for the meal, we even considered leaving, and when we complained I was finally spoken to in Chinese and told in a rude manner that complaining will not make the food cook faster. horrible.

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dave j.


16th January 2012
2 star rating
the food was ok some was great. but……. the service in this place made me feel like i was just some stupid european in a chinese restaurant, absoultly no customer service had to order drinks at the bar and they couldnt understand english..
wont go back and dont reccomend.

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17th December 2011
5 star rating
Went here late on a Friday night. Food was superb !! my new favourite Chinese in Auckland. Not sure what service is like when they are busy but the staff were super friendly to my girlfriend and I. Lots to choose from on the menu with some dishes that you would struggle to find elsewhere in Auckland. Ordered 3 dishes and some fresh shellfish and had to take some home for lunch today as there was still plenty left after we had satisfied our bellies. Recommend!

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La L.


10th August 2011
1 star rating
If there could be a 0 rating I would rate that.

The appalling service left our table of four flabbergasted. The head waitress stood by our table asking us what we would like to order, as we were replying she decided she needed to “manage” the “busy restaurant” (four tables seated including us and one VIP room) through her headset completely ignoring us. She did not bother to say excuse me and did this a couple of times until I was completely fed up and actually asked her if she could please finish speaking to her staff before asking us for our order. Either she has no grasp on customer service or this is really her style, she replied a “yes” and continued to speak into her mic while hovering over our table. With no apology she again asked us for our order.

Four of the dishes we wanted to order were not available. We then wanted to change one of the vegetables to accommodate their lack of choices. We asked if the price would be the same with the expectation that this is the lesser option. She told us not in the polite manner that you would expect from a head waitress, in fact not from any waitress at all, the dish is more expensive than the original because vegetables are expensive now. She added that most of the vegetables on the menu are now at the price of $28 instead of the $22-$26 range in a rather matter of fact and totally unacceptable tone.

We finally completed our order after much hassle. We ordered one entree and three mains. As the food arrived, our rice was still not served. When they were, the rice was cold. For a Chinese restaurant, I cannot comprehend how this could have been allowed to happen. The basic of basics.

I took all three bowls of rice to the counter where the head waitress was now sitting and ask nicely if our cold rice could be exchanged for hot rice. Again no apology.

After a long wait, we were already half way through our meal, our rice arrived again, lukewarmMore on the outside and still cold in the middle of the bowl. I imagined they stuffed all three bowls on rice into the microwave at the same time to achieve this effect? My fellow diners convinced me that they would not be able to achieve any better even if I did return the rice yet again. So we ate cold rice.

I cannot say the food tasted bad, but it was definitely not great cuisine. Matched with one in a million kind of service I recommend people to stay away. If you already have bought vouchers like we did and had no option but to spend them, order takeaway. You will be so much happier.

On a side note, we noticed that she was not only rude to her customers, she was rude to her staff too, so at least we know she was not discriminating.

Anything thing that could have been great in this restaurant has been unmade by their own doing. No matter how pretty the atmosphere, you simple cannot see past the atrocious service.

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6th July 2011
4 star rating
Food was excellent and a very modern Chinese restaurant. will be back again to try rest of their menu.

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7th April 2011
5 star rating
I’m a Chinese. The food was great. Difference kind of food you can not find at any restaurant in Auckland. We been there 4 times . Will come back this Saturday. For prices you pay for what you get. Not some takeaway foods. Staff service are great too.

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tina a.


6th February 2011
1 star rating
very average and over priced. i am chinese and know what to expect from chinese restaurants.

cannot recommend this restaurant.

the food was just like one could cook at home and not very cheap.

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28th September 2010
5 star rating
Excellent meal, will definitely return. Wide range of food, well presented and good service. Will look forward to a return visit.

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29th August 2010
5 star rating
Every aspect of this restaurant was superb!
The interior design was stunning and so exciting and fashionable – quite a contrast to most chinese restaurants.
The service was very attentive & caring.
We were the only non-chinese eating there and made to feel very welcome.
the food was so delicious and so reasonable!!!!
If Paradish can do all these things- why cant other restaurants??
Cant wait to return!!!

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27th July 2010
4 star rating
Had dinner on friday night.Nice and Clean Chinese restaurant i have ever seen.

Fantastic food and will back again.

Staff need more trainning for service at a busy time.

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