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Lone Star Cafe & Bar

2 star rating
15 reviews

Cuisine: American (Traditional), New Zealand, A La Carte

335 Lake Rd
North Shore, Auckland
09-488 0291


  • CAFE:
  • Mon – Thur 5.30pm – late
  • Fri – Sun 5pm – late
  • BAR:
  • Mon – Sun 4.30pm – late
  • Facilities/Features:
    • Children's Menu
    • Private Functions
  • Payment Types: EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners
  • Price Range: Spendy, $25 - $35
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Alcohol: Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cocktails
  • Seating for: 120
  • BYO/Corkage: BYO, Corkage Charge
  • Parking: Free Off-Street
  • Good For Groups: Yes
  • Good For Children: Yes
  • Takeaways: Yes
  • Delivers: No
  • Takes Reservations: No
  • Dietary Restrictions: Vegetarian, Dairy-free, Gluten-free
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Outdoor Seating: Yes
  • Meals: Dinner, Dessert

Lone Star in Takapuna is well-known as the ‘big old beach house’ due in no small part to the breath-taking view from the restaurant, of the Hauraki Gulf.

This stunning vista renders imbibing in our upstairs bar a most relaxing and pleasurable experience. ‘Hauraki’ means “Wind from the North’, but even on the deck you are well sheltered from any draughty squall or gentle zephyr. We’ve luxurious booths for that seductive drink away from prying eyes. We also offer a function facility, where you can celebrate that special occasion and tucked away on the first level.

We have a great team here at Lone Star North Shore and we would love for you to come join us! Children are always welcome.

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15 Reviews for Lone Star Cafe & Bar

15th June 2014
1 star rating
Don’t plan to come back here anytime soon.
My sisters dinner was forgotten and everyone had pretty much finished before a waiter could tell us it was forgotten.. useless
Plus found glass in my margarita which has now got me paranoid with checking my drinks everywhere

Visited January 2014

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23rd May 2014
1 star rating
A friend and I have been to lonestar twice recently. The first time was quiet Monday night we waited well over an hour for our mains and when we eventually received our meals they were not what we ordered. The Food was very over priced for what it was and the service was average. We thought we would give them another opportunity so we went back a couple of weeks later, however on the second occasion our meals took over an hour again and we had to walk to the bar to order drinks. We Will not be going back here, the food is below par for what you are paying and the service is average.

Visited April 2014

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23rd March 2014
1 star rating
Our party of 12 were told a table would be ready at 19:00. We arrived a few minutes early and were asked to wait upstairs table not ready. The table was vacated at 19:45. 20:00 still waiting and when management approached were told the party had only just left and she was not lying. Finally seated at table and orders placed. 21:15 first 2 meals arrived. 25 minutes later last meals arrived first meals had now been finished. Maybe when we arrived we should have been told there was a 2 hour wait before we eat. I am pleased we did not have young children with us at this family restaurant as they would have been very bored having to wait 2 hours+ for a meal. I wish I had read these reviews before we went. Apart from the horrendous wait the meals were over priced for what they were and there appeared to be a lack of organization. None of our party will be back to any lone star café. Unless the service and organizing skills improve you will always be a LONE STAR

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7th March 2014
1 star rating
Have to concur, waited over an hour they forgot our meals then BS about the steak taking 40min to cook. Can out they had butterflyed it and cooked it too fast was like leather and raw in middle. When took it back no apology no offer anything else then had the cheek to say didn’t charge you. Worst service over priced mc donadls is a safer bet up the road, Ruined a family night out

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30th January 2014
1 star rating
This is by far one of the worst places I have dined in a very long time. In fact I am not one of those people to write reviews on places I’ve eaten, but I felt so compelled to write this review on the basis of how horrendous this place is. First and foremost, I would like to address the service, it was very abrupt and extremely rude. For instance, I came in with a group of 9 people and waited over 1 and half hours for our order to arrive?? (We came in at 6.40pm and the food only arrived at 8.30) And then the manager tried to act we were in the wrong. The stench of the place smelt like sewage and was attempted to be covered up with scented candles. Menu was way overpriced and the food was so average. Never coming back ever again that’s for sure.

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29th August 2013
1 star rating
Booked on the phone for 8pm arrived early at 7.45pm, it was very busy so the waiter said we can get a drink upstairs while we wait for our table.. she said it shouldn’t be to long and we can have the next table. We Went upstairs ordered a hot chocolate and drink.. 20minutes later the hot chocolate comes. We waited and waited for our table asked the waiter nicely she said yes not long. 45minutes later.. we got our table even when we booked on the phone!. By this time I was fed up and hungry it was 8.45. We ordered our food by 9pm hoping the food would make the time up. It didn’t it took another 30minutes and it was basic and boring. I felt like complaining but because we were celebrating a graduation dinner I did not want to make a scene. I do not recommend this place if you are very hungry because you have to wait for ages for service. Terrible Service!

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23rd August 2013
1 star rating
“Lonestar”, more like “no star”, the star rating system does not go low enough to express our thoughts of this establishment.
My girlfriend and I arrived at 8pm, they were far from busy and it still took the staff a few minutes for someone to realise we were standing at the counter. Not a good start. After seating down we ordered and received drinks then our menus came. We decided what we wanted, stacked the menus and waited. 25 minutes later after many attempts at getting the waiters attention, I ordered our food at the bar. Almost an hour later we got our food. During this time we contemplated leaving but after eating there a few year before we were hopeful the food would save the evening.
It didn’t, it was boring and basic. For the price you pay you would expect the food to be of high standard.
As we went to pay, the staff member at the counter asked how our meal was, after commenting on the poor service, we received a weak smile and a “sorry”. She happily took our money and we left shaking our heads in disappointment.
Lonestar Lake Road has lost yet another customer. I hope that the owners can sort it out and return Lonestar to its former glory.

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16th May 2013
1 star rating
I had a very disappointing experience this week at Lone Star North Shore.

When we arrived the restaurant was near empty and there was a lot of staff on – apparently new wait staff on trial. I had to go and ask for menus, then after 15 minutes get up and ask if we could please get drinks and someone take our order.

It shouldn’t take over an hour to make a childs meal and 2 adults meal when a restaurant is empty but it did, we had to chase the wait staff and also our drinks sat empty for a long time until we nagged again. Brunette girl working there was rolling her eyes at us instead of serving.

We’ve eaten at lone star many times but after this experience we won’t be going back, very disappointing. The meals were not as good as they usually are, my cajun chicken was dry and overcooked with hardly any sauce.

Dessert for the kids meal also took a long time.

Probably would get better service and food at Mcdonalds. When we paid unfortunately I did not get the chance to express my unhappiness as at no point did the girl at the counter ask me how my meal was, just took the money and put it through.

There are much better eateries in Takapuna with amazing service, lone star used to be one of the best with its enthusiastic staff but sadly this is one of the worst experiences I’ve had on the shore in a long time.

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11th April 2013
5 star rating
My husband and I with our 2 children (8 & 5) went to LoneStar North Shore for our 9th wedding anniversay last night. All I can say is WOW. From the service of the lovely friendly staff to the delicious food made for a wonderful experience. And what topped off a wonderful evening was a lovely bottle of champayne, compliments of Penny and the Lone Star Team and brought to us within minutes of being seated, to make it an extra special night. They went above and beyond to make our evening special and the kids were kept occupied with the colouring in that was supplied for them also. WELL DONE Lonestar, we will definately be back!! And thank you for a wonderful night!!

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2nd March 2013
1 star rating
I’ve just had a meal at the North Shore venue.
I have to say that I was so disappointed in the service and food.
It took over 15 mins after we where seated before our waitress came to run thru the menu, our drinks came out after our entree. Our mains came out well over an hour after we finished our entrees. And when it did it seemed to me that it had been sitting around for a long time as it was cold. We decided not to have dessert as we were well and truly over the night. The part that topped the evening was the manager. She was rude and unapologetic about how our evening turned out. I felt like she was was trying to turn it around on us. There was no reason for why the night went so badly as it didn’t seem too busy. Very very unhappy.

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27th February 2013
4 star rating
We visited the Lone Star on a Sunday night with our boys 3 and 5 years. We were seated straight away and our drink orders taken. The food was pretty quick out and was really nice, I had a steak that was perfectly cooked and the rest of the family enjoyed theirs also. They did mix up one of the boys meals he received chicken instead of the fish ordered but he didnt want to change it, when they realised what they had done, as he loved it so much. The boys had crayons and a picture to colour each and the waitress was quick to pick up on when to bring their next course. The evening flowed really well there was no waiting. My husband finished his drink, the owner who happened to be eating beside us at the time realised before the staff and offered him another beer on the house because he was waiting, brilliant customer service. She then approached us after our meals and gave the boys a t-shirt each for being so well behaved through the dinner. The food and customer service was great we will be back!

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Kera W.


16th February 2013
5 star rating
Everything about my evening at Lone Star was amazing. We turned up on a Saturday night expecting it to be incredibly busy but it was just right under the circumstances. There was good parking and we were greeted warmly. Although we were 20 minutes early we were seated quickly and were given a thorough run-down of some of the menu. Our waiter was super-friendly as were all the other staff. Our drinks and food were spectacular! We ordered the squid, buffalo chips, ribs, and quesadilla for our entrees and they were all fantastic. My partner and I ordered steak for our mains and they were cooked perfectly. Our desserts were also amazing – we ordered the creme brulee, chocolate pudding, and the banoffee pie. The creme brulee was by far the best part of the night! The overall experience was enhanced by the vibrant staff, great customer service, and their attention to detail. Each and every one of them worked so hard tonight! I will definitely be coming back again. Thank you so much Lone Star for giving us a great belated-Valentines Day.

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31st January 2013
3 star rating
I’ve always loved Lone Star, but this time I was extremely disappointed, the service was poor, the table and chairs were so wobbly they felt like they were going to fall apart, the ribs were tough as old boots, they charged us $2 for aioli which didn’t turn up until we had almost finished our meal and for some reason the buffalo chips have turned into roast potatoes. I hope they buck up there ideas because it used to be a really nice restaurant!

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5th January 2013
1 star rating
Generally a very dissappointing dining experience in many respects. The service was poor to non existent, the menu was very limited, the bulbs had blown and we could barely see and when initially asked if the meal was okay and I replied “no” the waitress simply said okay and left. Overpriced for what was an average to poor meal. We did persevere though and decided to order a desert (after not eating the main) but gave up after 20 minutes waiting to order and paid the bill. I am not sure where the owner gets the impression of “wonderful” views from as you sit looking out onto one of the busiest intersections on the North Shore.
This experience confirmed my belief that franchise’s work for fast food outlets but not restaurants. Not recommended at all.

Visited December 2012

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29th September 2012
1 star rating
Took the kids here for a birthday celebration and can only say was disappointed as was recommended by a friend. Took ages for drinks to arrive after trying to flag down a staff member. Kids didnt like their meals very much, mine was OK but nothing to rave about – the kids waited ages for their dessert – I gave up in the end and they had ice cream at home!

Visited June 2012

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