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Little Turkish Cafe

2_half star rating
14 reviews

Cuisine: Turkish, Middle Eastern, Pizza, Cafe

217 Karangahape Rd
Auckland City
09-302 0353


  • Mon – Tue 10 am – 2:30 am
  • Wed – Thu 10 am – 03:30 am
  • Fri – Sat 10 am – 7 am
  • Sun 10 am – 2:30 am
  • Facilities/Features:
    • Private Functions
  • Payment Types: EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard
  • Price Range: Moderate, $15 - $25
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Alcohol: Beer, Wine
  • Seating for: 35
  • Takeaways: Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Outdoor Seating: Yes
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner
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14 Reviews for Little Turkish Cafe

Mel M.


28th October 2013
1 star rating
This is the first review I have written. I placed an order through an online ordering site and then rang the restaurant to make sure it had gone through. I explained that I ordered through a website and was just confirming that they received it. He must have just heard about that website and then started verbally abusing me over the phone. I interrupted him after 30 seconds to say I was a customer and not from the ordering website. He was not apologetic and when I cancelled my order he didn’t seem to care about losing a customer. Terrible customer service.

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21st October 2013
1 star rating
This is the first time I’ve ever written a review for a food outlet. We have been to this place several times before however we felt this last experience deserved a review. We entered the shop and took a couple of minutes to decide what to order. Server did not acknowledge our presence, along with another person, until about four minutes later despite being directly in front of us preparing an order. He was completely unaccommodating and looked like he really didn’t want to be there. Acknowledgement was a mere eyebrow raise. He didn’t speak the entire encounter except to say no when we asked if they could make a pizza with just mushrooms (which we admit was not on the menu but come on – not that hard). We were not asked which sauces we wanted for the kebab. Order took about 15 minutes. There were about two other orders waiting. Kebab arrived with parsley, which we specifically asked to be excluded. We ordered a vegetarian pizza primarily for the mushrooms. It arrived with everything but mushrooms. Similarly, I felt like eggplant and so ordered mussaka which consists of layers of eggplant and potato among other things. It arrived without any eggplant. The accompanying rice resembled rice pudding. The guy making the pizzas, without gloves, spoke on the phone and handled dirty dishes from the tables in between handling the pizzas. No washing of hands. All in all, the food despite not having what we considered key ingredients, tasted alright. However, I think my favorite part of the meal was the coke.

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10th April 2013
1 star rating
It’s the first time in my life I’m writing a review for a restaurant, but this one is definitely the worst and the most rude and degrading experience I’ve ever had my life.

Facts :
where : The Little Turkish Cafe
When : 8th of April, 5pm

What happened:
My partner and I were going back home after work, and we decided to go to this restaurant while my partner went to do some quick shopping.
I ordered a classic kebab asking the staff if it was allowed to smoke at the terrace, one table was free and the place not busy at all.
I sat there, asking for an ashtray and began to enjoy the bright sun…
Then the unthinkable happened.

The incident: I saw 3 males coming to my table, talking loud and one of them told me: “I want this table for my friends and we have to talk”, while saying this the other 2 sat at my table no questions asked, I was forced to go inside the establishment, relatively in shock of what had happened and then very angry.
I talked to the staff (I’m not saying who it was because I don’t want to ruin her job), mentioning what has just happened, and she answered: “I’m so sorry there’s nothing I can do, this is my boss and his friends” I said to her “he’s a bloody jerk” and sadly she confirmed.
My parter came back and found me in rage. Then she turned angry too, I had to say something.
I did. I said to them: “money is important to you right? You live out of the money of your customers, right? So why do you treat them like shit?…Then something even more terrible happened: one of them said: “For a woman you have a big mouth, you should be at home cleaning your kitchen” I’m just quoting here.
My reaction was immediate, same as the one of my partner, we said the F word a couple of time and left…..
This place is a disaster for women and I only regret that no cops were around.

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28th June 2012
4 star rating
I am appalled and offended at all the bad reviews…. Every time I eat at this place the food is fantastic. The pizza is to die for, and the portion size is HUGE! The service is not the best, only because of the language barrier… the reviews for this restaurant have the most disgusting grammar I have ever seen, so assume that most of the review writers are foreign also. Please cut some of our immigrants some slack. If you don’t like it, cook your own dinner!!! Love you guys!! Little Turkish is the best!!!!

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Ti C.


21st March 2012
4 star rating
There is something going on with this cafe and it’s reveiws.

All i could see were terrible and mediocre reviews. 3 were “filtered” with an option to click on them so i did. And they turned out to be the 3 best reviews, 2 defending it, for this place that someone marked as “spam” so they would be hidden.

Either that, or the other reviews are true, and the owner or someone affiliated is going around making comments defending them from the bad reviews. As i have seen this happen on the same dates, in other review sites for this cafe, only 20 mins ago.

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3rd March 2012
2 star rating
service not good. you hardly see staff smiles, take so long to take the food ready.
do not ever use the toilet there, it’s so dirty

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13th February 2012
5 star rating
This is a really famous cafe. Famous for being 1 of first kebab places in Auckland, famous for being open REALLY late for the late late night clubbing crowds, and famous for having the best damn homecooked breads & hummus in town. I have taken my parents there, taken my grandparents there, taken my kids there, and everyone raves about it afterwards.

The rice is soft and fluffy not sticky, the bread is soft and chewy and fragrant, and the decor is always being added to & updated, it is a lovely place to eat & I go back there time and time again.

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20th January 2012
5 star rating
Love little Turkish Cafe! Come here all the time. Chicken on rice is my Favourite dish absolutely delicious, healthy too. Lovely owners. Open at all hours so great for a late night snack if your around and about town. Would definitely recommend.

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4th January 2012
1 star rating
I have been a customer of the Little Turisk Café for over 10 years, I love eating kebabs, I always have and always will.

However of the past year I have noticed a dramatic decrease in quality of Customer Service and Food.

In particular in November I noticed a gentlemen ask for a take away Kebab, and waited in a seat outside. The owner/chef came out and served him a order for dinning in. When the gentlemen queried it, the owner snapped at him and told him to take it to the counter himself and ask for it to be taken away.

In December my friend and I were dinning again, when we order chicken on rice, with chips and hummus and dip. The chicken on rice came out first, and the portions was not to satisfactory. We then received the hummus dip, the breads were that greasy and oily, it was just saturated. When I queried it with the staff, they kinda laughed at me, and showed no interest onto righting a wrong.

Last Saturday we came in again, giving this venue one last chance, we order our chicken on rice, with humus and dip. The Chef/Owner, told me that we could not have hummus and dips as he was busy and it would take to long to make (the café was quiet). When I tried to explain the previous bad experience to him he showed no interest. We were then served our chicken on rice, our additional friends who were already waiting only received half their order, so he had to eat alone. They also order wines, when he went up and asked where theirs wines were they he also told they were to busy to serve them.

Over all, this place use to be fantastic, where you could happily take friends and refer people too, but not now, this is not on my list of placing to refer anyone to.

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24th April 2011
1 star rating
We used to go to this cafe, but their food and service are getting increasingly shocking. So, we declared it a no go zone!!! Number of things to be aware of – their staff (the owner!!! of this place) like eating food off the counter grabbing it with their bare hands, their food is often burned and dry and they routinely forget about orders (especially if it’s a ‘take away’). Be aware of this place. There are other kebab places that are miles better!!

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22nd January 2011
5 star rating
I love this place as i have musaka three times a week and i can tell the test of musaka is same as i had several years ago in turkey

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15th January 2011
5 star rating
Friendly staff with reasonable price if you ever go to Auckland city try this place.

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4th January 2012
1 star rating
What can I say. Just a worst customer service ever. I went to order a kebab and while i was ordering with a customer service person at the counter the chef/owner approached and asked me to be quick as she needs to make other orders. I replied that only I am trying to explain properly so that my order is not stuffed like always at this place. Customers can explain the way they want to make sure what to put and what not to put. What does this old man/chef thinks he could so rude to customers. I would like the Auckland City Council to have a look how hygienic this place would be especially the person is only in making money than customer service. People please we don’t deserve a shitty customer service by this old grumpy man. He could do this in his own country not in New Zealand mate.

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11th July 2010
1 star rating
I was appalled and offended by the service at this place. I ordered a woodfired pizza. After waiting 20 mins I approached the pizza chef and asked him if he could make it ‘well done and crispy’. He said no problem, but when I received the pizza it was just a pile of cheese, not well done at all. I asked him politely if he could put it back in the oven for a bit, he immediately started shouting rudely at me but I couldn’t understand him, then he proceeded to pick up the base of the pizza with his hands right in front of me, still cursing rudely. I told him I didn’t want it any more and left, I couldn’t be bothered making a scene. Do me a favour and don’t ever eat here, instead go to one of the many other kebab places on K road.

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