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Kiraku Japanese Restaurant

3_half star rating
17 reviews

Cuisine: Japanese, Asian, Noodle

Elliot Street
(Mid City Building)
Auckland Central
Auckland City
09-302 0156


  • Mon – Sat 11 am – 10 pm
  • Payment Types: EFTPOS
  • Price Range: Cheap, Under $15
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Seating for: 9
  • Takeaways: Yes
  • Dietary Restrictions: Vegetarian
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Kiraku Restaurant, situated in Mid City Building, specialises in Japanese savoury dumplings (gyoza) and ramen noodles.

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17 Reviews for Kiraku Japanese Restaurant

21st May 2014
1 star rating
I’ve been eating at Kiraku since a friend introduced me to it in 2009. I’ve watched as the owners have transitioned from tired and quiet to a downright surly. The few items that decorated this tiny space have disappeared as has the fridge that once had drinks. This was all tolerable because the dumplings are reasonable and there’s a certain kind of quirky charm to the authentic, bar-stools-next-to-the-kitchen Tokyo-ness of it all. Like everyone else, I went in last night with my partner who’d just eaten and we weren’t allowed to sit and eat if he didn’t order $10.50 worth of food. There were 8 empty seats at the busiest point. Really disappointing – totally understandable if it was 7pm on a busy Friday night. But the owners should use their discretion at 9pm on a Tuesday with plenty of empty seats left – won’t be going back.

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Jun K.


6th May 2014
1 star rating
I had the most unpleasant experience at Kiraku – same experience as many people commented below. I came to meet my partner to keep her company, but was told to buy some food if I wanted to stay (the restaurant was totally empty). I said I would grab a drink, but then again was told that I need to spend a minimum of 11 dollars. I left immediately as I couldn’t tolerate their rudeness – terrible terrible service.

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15th April 2014
1 star rating
I had very similar experience with some people here. I went there the other night to get some dinner by myself. The place was not full and there was about 6 people, where 2 people left as I was sitting down (it’s a small place maybe can occupy up to 10~12 people). There were about 5, 6 empty seats. I ordered my food and started eating and was half way through it when my friend came to meet me to grab drinks afterwards. Then my friend was given the menu to which he said he’d already eaten. Then the lady serving told that he can only stay if he ordered food minimum value of $10.50 and suggested to takeaway food if he wasn’t hungry. I don’t understand what kind of service it is demanding a customer to buy food or else to leave. I would have felt sorry for my friend who didn’t need to eat, if he had to buy food unwanted. At that stage I had almost finished eating and only had 2 dumplings left. The lady demanded that my friend order and he cannot stay unless he did. So I told my friend to wait for me outside until I finish.

It really ruined my night, though I had planned dining alone from the beginning. I think they should learn to be more flexible with situation and their customers. If there is empty space and no queue of customers waiting to dine, let people enjoy their meal without having to feel uncomfortable in any ways.

I understand that it can be their policy but they need to make it clear from the beginning at least put out a sign that only people who pay for food can stay in their place so that we know.

I would never recommend this place to anyone and I’d advise every single friend of mine about the experience. It was very unpleasant enough to make me write this review, which is my very first rating any place.

I would never go back.

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Dan W.


17th July 2013
1 star rating
Went there with my partner when the place was practically empty except for two other diners.
We decided to share a meal, this seemed to annoy the guy behind the counter, who demanded we both order since we were both taking up seats.

On a busy night this might be acceptable, but this was just flat out rude and insensitive. Expect poor service.

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20th December 2012
1 star rating
Used to be a regular here. Unfortunately will never eat here again. I went there to meet my wife and 4 of her friends before a show. The place is quite small so seating is at a premium, but in this case there were only 2 other people there and about 6 or so spare seats. My wife’s group were a couple of minutes away from finishing so I sat with them and chatted while they finished. The owner handed me a menu and I explained I’d eaten already and would merely be sitting for another minute or two while the rest finished and settled their bills. That wasn’t acceptable to the owner who demanded I either leave or order at least $10 worth of food. I explained as politely as I could that we were all about to leave and that I ate there fairly regularly. Still this wasn’t good enough for them, in fact they appeared to be antagonsied by this explanation. Their behaviour was inexplicable and unacceptable. I can only assume that they had a bad day or have had bad experiences with other customers wasting time or taking up valuable seating and not ordering. I was careful to explain that I understood that in 99% of cases I would be on their side but that in this particular case, our group was getting ready to leave and that even if I was hungry there was no time before the show to order anything. They stood firm on their position that I needed to order at least $10 worth of something or leave. So we all hurriedly left – my wife and her friends were flabbergasted. Frankly this sort of attitude needs to be punished in the only way that is fair – the general public need to vote with their feet so to speak and just eat elsewhere.

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30th November 2012
4 star rating
Good food and decent pricing!

Visited October 2012

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19th October 2012
3 star rating
Service: 4/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 3/5
Food Quality and taste: 3.5/5
Price range: $30 pp
[Extremely standard. Not much else to say]

Visited December 2011

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4th October 2012
5 star rating
I ordered vegetarian ramen with vegetarian dumplings.

The noodles and dumplings were superb, though I don’t know whether it was out of tradition that they burnt the dumplings or they just cooked it for too long…I didn’t really like the charcoaled parts.

But other than that, the vegetables were generous and non-oily and the noodles were cooked very nicely. It’s a very nice place to squeeze into especially on a cold day.


Visited August 2012

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Mija T.


21st August 2012
5 star rating
This restaurant is too perfect. It so wonderfully resembles a tiny but cozy ramen bar in Toyko and is also run by a Japanese couple. Authentic tasting ramen and gyoza can be bought here at a reasonable price. I highly recommend this restaurant!

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17th May 2012
4 star rating
Kiraku is a great place to grab a quick, no fuss, inexpensive and tasty meal. The gyozas are fresh, flavoursome and delicious! The service is great too. The place is very small and can get cramped, so not a place to expect a fantastic ambience. Have been a regular at Kiraku for over 4 years now and this place never disappoints.

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10th June 2010
4 star rating
Kiraku has a very Japanese feel to it. It’s TINY. You dine on counters, so sometimes seating has to be rearranged. It can get pretty busy, especially for the lunchtime business crowd. But overall food was really great…you can choose from gyoza, ramens, or both, and some rice dishes (+ donburi). Nicely sized servings, my only complaint would be that the meat portion was small – I got the tonkatsu miso ramen soup and I only had one small slice of pork in it. Kiraku is great fror a quick bite with a friend or takeaways.

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29th March 2010
4 star rating
Great ramen, lovely fresh dumplings and friendly service.

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4th June 2009
5 star rating
Its a very nice place!!!!
Im there every FRIDAY and feel sick when i dont go!!!!
Cheap and yummy!!!!

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24th February 2009
4 star rating
We can feel full in this Japanese restaurant. Of course, the taste is quite good as well.

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23rd November 2008
5 star rating
I love eating at Kiraku, it’s a very small place, but they serve great food, their dumplings are sooo delicious and the staff there are very friendly!

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22nd January 2008
4 star rating
You’ll want to get here before 12pm if you expect a seat as there are very few. The clientele are so dedicated they’ll stand there waiting for you to finish YOUR meal so they can have theirs. Despite the voyeuristic pressure, if you can shut that out you will have an excellent meal. It’s fast, it’s cheap, it’s cute and it’s delicious!!

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4th December 2007
5 star rating
Kiraku is a small restrant with maybe only =_=.. 9 seats BUT doesnt stop the star cheifs of Kiraku from dishing fantastic food from undon noodles to “nice rice” as not only is it a great place for quick food and takaways. Excellent price and service as kiraku staff has a tradidtion of its very own fine food. ahligatogusaimus ^^

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