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Ichiban Japanese Restaurant

3 star rating
13 reviews

Cuisine: Japanese, Asian

17 Albert St
Auckland Central
Auckland City
09 303 4372


  • Mon-Sun 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-2am
  • Sat-Sun 5:30pm -2am
  • Price Range: Cheap, Under $15
  • Seating for: 12
  • Takeaways: Yes
  • Takes Reservations: Yes
  • Outdoor Seating: No
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner, Late Night

Ichiban Ramen Restaurant is centrally located at 17 Albert Street, Auckland Central.
Ichiban Japanese Restaurant

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13 Reviews for Ichiban Japanese Restaurant

9th January 2014
3 star rating
I love eating here when I get drunk. Their raamen and fried rice is fantastic! It’s so delicious!

Unfortunately, it got a low grade for food hygiene before…if they can fix this I would rate it highly!

Service: 5/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 2/5
Food Quality: 4/5
Food Quantity: 4/5
Price range: $10+ pp

Visited November 2013

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24th October 2013
5 star rating
I went to Ichiban restaurant on last week with two of my friends. The staff greeted us so warmly. I was so impressed. I have heard before that Japanese people are on the top in Hospitality. At the Ichiban restaurant, I felt that it is exactly the same. We ordered noodles and a spicy chicken curry. We were served it within a few minutes. We were really impressed. Because, we had to wait only for a short duration. Wow !!! The meal was so delicious. Personally I love bit spicy. It was a perfect meal. And the price is too cheap. I haven’t felt this kind of a warm hospitality before in Auckland. I can nominate Ichiban Japanese Restaurant for anyone who likes to have a delicious Japanese meal for a cheap price.

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16th October 2013
1 star rating
I notice every day they have sushi (including chicken sushi) on a table for sale. This should be refrigerated so I looked for their Council rating and it is a D. They have the sign hidden so very hard to find and they obviously have no idea about food safety. The Council should be checking this place more often.

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2nd August 2013
1 star rating
Very very very extremely bad attitude from the owner. I will never come back to here any more!!!!

I introduced and recommended this place to 2 of my friends after years I’m a regular in Ichiban. So we dined in tonight and because place so busy so we couldn’t sit together. 1 of my friends ordered spicy ramen and the other one ordered pork ramen. The waitress gave the pork ramen to my friend who ordered spicy ramen without confirming with her what noodle he gave her. Since this is the first time my friend ate in Ichiban, she didn’t know if that noodle was not what she ordered so she ate it. My other friend who originally ordered that pork noodle got the spicy one, but she can’t eat spicy and we told the waitress that he gave the noodle to the wrong person. The waitress and the owner didn’t feel guilty and not once apologised to my friend but the owner said it’s my friend’s fault who ate her noodle. After being a regular for years, I can’t believe they have this extremely bad attitude towards their customer.

I am very disappointed and I feel embarrassed to have introduced this place to my friends. To the Ichiban owner, you need to change your attitude to your customer and improve your bad attitude. You loss your regular customer and I will never never never recommend your restaurant to anyone ever again! I am disgusted with your attitude!!! We will never come back again.

Beware guys! This place has a very bad attitude from the owner and the waitress. Re-think again if you want to come and eat here. Still have lots of Japanese restaurants in Auckland which have better attitude than Ichiban. Not worth it to come here and be treated like that.

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Dan H.


6th October 2012
1 star rating
Save yourself 15 bucks and pour some hot water over instant noodles.
Ichiban is really that bad. The broth was insipid, and a rather important part of what ramen is all about, that shit should be slow cooking boiling away for days. No one there wanted to make eye contact, you could tell they knew it was sup-par and they were embarrassed, unless they don’t want to serve the good stuff to gaijin and bring out the better stock for the enclave crowd.

Maybe they’re going under due to financial pressure.

Any-hoo don’t do it!

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9th April 2010
1 star rating
Had a pork katsu curry dish, the pork tested OFF. Took the dish back to them – the 3 ladies stood there not knowing what to do. After mumbling some words to each other for a few minutes while looking away from us, they said “We can’t cook the dish for you again. We have always served it this way”.

When we said “It didn’t taste like this the last time we were here”. They said they don’t know why. One of them even looked annoyed.

We asked if we could change it for a different dish. They said “No, it will cost us extra”.
We ended up paying for the dish (full price) even after we returned the whole dish back to them.

Very disappointed with their attitude. Unlikely to go back there again.

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29th March 2010
4 star rating
The best ramen in Auckland! I love this place and have been there many times. It’s tiny and has a good atmosphere.

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8th April 2009
4 star rating
Little Tokyo:) good good good:)

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21st January 2009
1 star rating
One suggestion, on the way in look at the Auckland City Council Food Grade rating on the left hand wall (at the back, sort of hidden). Since August 2008 its been an E grade.

I use to eat there regularly – until August 08, that was.

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5th September 2008
5 star rating
i’ve always go there for my ramen and they never failed me :) me and my friends loves the place, so japan like and friendly service.. oh.. i saw some euros left the place coz they waited too long; but hey, good things ARE worth waiting for :) definitely thumbs up!

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7th August 2008
5 star rating
I used to work at this restaurant nd I think this place does good job. It’s hard to make Japanese food wit some limited ingredients in NZ but very good reproduce.

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22nd June 2008
1 star rating
Very phony place
for the beef curry dish, served with one dice of beef only…..stunned.

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22nd May 2008
5 star rating
Based in lower Albert Street, Ichiban may be a restaurant that could be given a miss at first glance. But don’t let the small restaurant fool you, winner of Metro’s Best of Auckland awards (‘Best late-night takeaway bar’ category), Ichiban serves some of the finest Japanese cuisine you’ll ever have.

There is also a Karaoke bar next door (part of the restaurant) which probably offers more space, but I’ve always preferred takeaways which are cooked on order, served on generously large takeaway container, and always cooked to perfection.

Highly recommended for Asian food lovers and Asian newbies alike.

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