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Hotrocks Barbeque Restaurant

3_half star rating
6 reviews

Cuisine: Barbeque, Steakhouse, A La Carte

101 High St
Lower Hutt Central
Lower Hutt City
04-566 8979


  • Mon – Sun 5:00pm – Late
  • Payment Types: EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Seating for: 80

Hot Rocks Barbeque

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6 Reviews for Hotrocks Barbeque Restaurant

16th January 2014
3 star rating
I have often looked at Hotrocks but never dined there until recently – it was mainly because it was one of the few places open on Christmas Eve 2013 – but I had never gone in before because the frontage looked a bit biker bar. Once inside, we were surprised to see how spacious it was and how the interior reflected the exterior in no way at all. It felt extremely old-fashioned, dated, vintage 1980s & an eclectic mish-mash of design.
We were greeted upon entry and shown to a table, then given menus & asked if we wanted drinks. We had to ask how it all worked as it wasn’t that clear. There are set items on the menu, but if you want a steak you pick the one you want yourself from a selection & state how you want it cooked & with what sauce/seasoning. It is best to get there, then, on opening so you get the best pieces.
We did not see a dessert station.
The steak comes served with roast/baked potatoes – but they have a deep fried or sauteed feel to them.
From here, you go & select your salad from the antiquated salad bar. There are some made up pasta salads and slaws, but also very salty pickled onions, pineapple, beetroot, egg salad – the usual suspects if it was 1980. The small dessert bowls you get are too small to fit much in, so use two!
Our steaks arrived perfectly cooked sizzling on scillets, however, if you don’t remove them right away they will continue to cook – so grab an extra plate & transfer it.
I enjoyed my steak but not the salad. It’s not likely we will go back – it’s one of those been there done that places for us. I left feeling disappointed at having spent so much on such mediocre quality. But you don’t know until you try. The place could do with a food & decor makeover & I expect relies upon the continued business of its regulars – who seem to be of an older set (50+).

Visited December 2013

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3rd January 2014
4 star rating
I really like this restaurant. The owners and staff are very friendly. The food is great and very good value for money. I feel valued as a customer when we go here.

The decor is definitely in need of an update and they could probably do with a proper office area instead of using one of the restaurant tables.

However I would recommend this as a good value for money family dining option.

Visited September 2013

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2nd November 2013
5 star rating
Very amazing and and homely environment. Food is great and the service is beyond excellent. The kilo steak that went past my table was still sizzling and it looked humongous. Enjoyed every moment their with their big heater giving very warm environment. Will go again and again as impressed with hospitality and food.

Visited October 2013

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17th May 2011
3 star rating
For what this is…you can be guaranteed to get a good kai. Your puku will be satisfied. Has a tasty variety of dishes….and the self-serve salad bar is fresh 50% of the time. LOL. If you want an over-generous portion of steak, get there earlier(select your own steak!)This place isn’t really for fussy eaters. It seems clean with good presentation. The layout of the restaurant isn’t great as it looks like they have their office set up on the next table…obvious!!!!That was a little over-EXAGGERATED! The owners are very friendly and completely go out of their way to make you feel comfy and at home!!!!! Good medium value for money. It is what it is!!!

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28th April 2011
1 star rating
If you want value for money..I suggest any fish n chip shop for the fish would be fresher.

This review is being written from an unpleasant evening of dining with friends from over a year ago.

The quality of produce is poor which is a shame as the cooking and presentation of the food was impressive.

The one star rating is for disbelieving this restaurant is still running.

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24th April 2011
4 star rating
Its rare to find a good steak place in wellington and the hutt. other places are overpriced and dont deliver like the crazy horse.

hotrocks has great steaks, the ambiance is a bit dull but the food is worth it, very nice staff. too bad they dont have a website or i would have been there weeks ago! medium rare came out perfect.

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