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Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

3 star rating
26 reviews

Cuisine: Japanese, Asian

36-38 Taranaki St
Wellington Central
Wellington City
04-801 8699


  • Mon – Sun 5pm – 11pm
  • Payment Types: EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners
  • Parking: Free On-Street
  • Good For Groups: Yes
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26 Reviews for Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

16th July 2014
2 star rating
I took a family group of 6 on a Wednesday night. I had a voucher which could not be used for the set meals which we would have preferred. The service was very slow, we had to ask for drinks orders to be taken and then ask (1 1/2 hours later) when we might expect to get some food!!! The chef was entertaining when he finally did turn up, but we were very disappointed overall and won’t be going again. Felt the bill was way overpriced for what we got and wished I had taken the family somewhere else.

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1st June 2014
3 star rating
Teppanyaki is normally a great show, but we booked a table earlier on in the evening and the whole meal felt rushed, as through they were trying to get through it and get us out so they could get the next lot in, normally teppanyaki chef’s let you get through one course before they serve the rest, but he gave us the lot pretty quickly, it just isn’t the same when it starts to get cold.
Food isn’t great quality either, definitely not very authentic.
The show is great, but otherwise the atmosphere is pretty poor. I guess ultimately I can think of much better ways to spend $50.

Visited May 2014

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18th October 2013
4 star rating
This is a really fun way to enjoy japanese BBQ food. The chef cooks the meal in front of you and you play several games trying to catch the flying egg pieces. Definitely entertaining. Fujiyama is one of the only places to have casual fun and enjoy a delicious meal at the same time. The prawns were definitely my favourite which was cooked in a special japanese sauce and the teriyaki chicken was tender and moist. The steak was also a highlight for our family. We had an absolute wonderful time and will definitely be coming back.

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27th September 2013
5 star rating
I went to there with my friends last week!!! We had nice barbecue food there…The chef cooked meals in front of us, which was really different from other Japanese restaurant. It was such a show!!! The chef was awesome!!! We really enjoyed the game part there!!! Although i dropped the egg, the show was interesting anyway…We all ordered the set menu that day. The salad sauce was beautiful and the yummy sauce for the prawns was also very nice. High recommend to have a party there!!! It is such a fun place to go!!!

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8th July 2013
1 star rating
We went to Fujiyama on Saturday night (a group of 8). It started off well, we were shown to our seats quickly and we sorted with glasses for our BYO wine.

The chef was friendly, and entertaining!

But then it went downhill. One of us found a piece of glass in the fried rice! Shockingly bad! This was rectified with a free glass of wine and a free meal (as it should be – I would not be paying for a meal that has broken glass in it)

However, as we were leaving we saw the waiters filling wine bottles with cask wine – how disgusting. I don’t go out to a restaurant, order wine, and expect to receive wine from a cask! And I don’t think the wine makers would be very happy about this either. This is false advertising and completely wrong! I actually wish there was something more I could do about this!

I will not be going back under any circumstances! If I could give it zero stars I would….

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7th June 2013
4 star rating
Agree totally with the review below. Great place for a fun meal with friends. Used deal voucher. Will definitely go back. The Chef was very entertaining.

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6th June 2013
5 star rating
A group of friends and I went to try this place out with the help of deal vouchers. We went on a busy Friday night, and wow, the atmosphere is fabulous!

The whole experience of Teppanyaki was really exciting and just a great way to have fun with friends. We ordered the Tokyo set, and the fish was tender and delicious, as well as the chicken. Really worth the try!

After reading some of these reviews, I must stress that this restaurant is not a ‘fancy’ restaurant, and it’s not suppose to! It’s a casual BBQ restaurant with a great twist. Definitely recommend to people who intend on going with large group of friends to catch up or even families with children! Very entertaining. Will definitely be coming back.

Visited May 2013

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20th May 2013
3 star rating
Teppanyaki (where the chef cooks on a hot plate right in front of you) is always fun.

We went there with the whole family and all in all had a good time. The chefs were friendly and played the “usual” games with teppanyaki – throwing pieces of food into patrons mouths etc.

The food is cooked well, but not spectacular. Especially when one considers the price, I would definitely expect more than straightforward bbq. Even when we chose set menus for both of us (which are quite a bit cheaper), we still had to shell out $80. This is a bit disappointing since I can get the same food at a Chinese place for less than half the price. The show alone doesn’t justify this.

The restaurant was eerily quiet and not even half the tables were occupied. We had tried to book before and had been turned away because “all tables were full”. I’m a bit doubtful if this was the real reason or if the owner didn’t want to cook just for us.

Waiting staff and chefs are friendly, but the front of the house appears very distant and uninterested. Since this is the first and last contact, better manners would go a long way.

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4th February 2013
5 star rating
Food was plentiful and well priced. Definitely recommend the set menus e.g tokyo etc, it may look like a hefty price to pay, but definitely worth getting. The main course meals are small and pricey however the set menus have everything and ensure the fujiyama experience!

For the price of $36.90 we had salad and miso soups for entres, and then the chef cooked a combination of steak, fish, prawns, chicken, vegetables and also fried rice. I don’t understand how the reviews say this place is not value for money! Place them all out on a huge dish simultaneously and you have a bargain!

If you’re looking for a cheap meal for $10 i recommend elsewhere, whereas if you’re looking for a fun night out with the girls/family and willing to spend, then this place is definitely recommended.

Visited January 2013

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23rd October 2012
1 star rating
I have eaten at a few Japanese restaurants around Wellington and would have to rate this as definitely the worst. We went here as part of a deal voucher – it is quite clear why they are needing it….
The service was very slow and they were very inflexible with ordering options. We were told that to swap the chicken for beef would be an extra $8 dollars, though last time I checked chicken is comparable or even more expensive than beef. But what makes it worse is that straight after someone was allowed to do exactly as we wanted. We ordered two entrees, which while tasted alright, were very small and over priced for what they were. As for dinner, it was fun to watch the chef cook it, but as for the taste it was very plain and I could have cooked it better at my house. We were also duped into buying two small bowls of rice, at a cost of $11 , when we could have just gotten a set menu for $3 extra each, they made no attempt to explain the menu to us. The food was very expensive considering the portion size and quality of it.

Overall I rate this as quite poor, not somewhere to go if you want good food for a decent price.

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28th April 2012
1 star rating
Visited due to deal voucher.
On arrival were ignored for 15 minutes and then on ordering were told our voucher could not be used on the specials.
Felt a strong feeling of not being welcome –
Service – Unfriendly.

Corkage for 4 people was $16 dollars – Expensive.

Waiter – Not organised, starters were given to wrong people.

Restaurant has potential as teppanyaki is fun.. The older lady, guess the manager needs to work on her manners as she comes across as extremely rude.

Chef was fun & cooked some great tasting food.

The staff started cleaning up around us and took all our plates away because they wanted to close.

Management need to work on their manners and food is over priced.

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6th March 2012
5 star rating
It is important that you understand Teppanyaki before you come here. Yes, the chefs will throw food at you. No, it’s not a great place for a romantic date. Yes, do BYO wine.
Went here recently for a 21st dinner, was absolutely spectacular. When we sat (were still waiting for a couple) we ordered the mixed tempura plate to keep us going as it was quite busy. Perfect tempura, no faults there.
When the chef came out, we had all decided on the set menu, to get a taste of everything. The amount of food you get for the $30 set B is outstanding, they start you off with salad and miso while the chef gets the hotplate going, and then he will cook course by course as you eat what he has just finished making.
Food was all perfect, a bit of a show in front of you on the grill, lovely atmosphere and all reasonably priced.
Highly recommended, a booking of 6-8 is the ideal size to get your own bar to sit around.

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28th December 2011
2 star rating
Pretty average to be honest

Basically just a big overpriced hot plate/BBQ. They throw the food at you and expect you to catch it. Servings are small.

And after being to Japan, the food isn’t Japanese at all…

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20th November 2011
5 star rating
Last week me and some university friends went out to dine out at this place as a celebration for the end of the semester.

This place is absolutely fun! and great entertainment!
The set menu has a little bit of everything which is great since I have never tried it before.
It is very interesting watching them cook in front of you!

This place is great for socialising and having fun especially with big groups!
I found out that the owner is still the same since it was opened 20 years ago which is awesome.

The chefs are friendly and nice and the waitresses were very helpful taking empty dishes and plates!

Overall this place is awesome for celebrating something or just going out for fun!

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6th September 2011
2 star rating
Came here on a Friday night for partners work do.

Good experience, great entertainment from the chef. Throwing bowls of rice and eggs. Fun atmosphere. Lots of laughs.

However, the meals are tiny. It’s VERY expensive for what you get. The food is quite average. Luckily it’s BYO to make up for price of food… and only BYO wine, not those large bottles of beer that almost look like a bottle of wine :P.

Good experience entertainment wise, but food was not worth it. Great place to take someone who hasn’t been there before, but not the kind of place you would visit more than once.

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W. F.


9th December 2010
1 star rating
I had to go to Fujiyama because it was a company function, but I wouldn’t if I was by myself after reading some of the reviews here.

I have to give credit to the fun, however . . .

With the exception of the miso soup and the umeshu (Japanese plum wine) the rest was all Chinese food.

Service was OK.

The place itself needed a very nice clean up. There is no attention to details in that restaurant as an authentic Japanese restaurant would have.

No, I will not come back.

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15th November 2010
2 star rating
This restaurant used to be Japanese owned and the service and the food were very authentic Japanese style some years ago. Everything was just fantastic that time. Recently I came back to visit again. I was surprised that now this restaurant is Chinese owned and all staff are Chinese. The waitress were so reluctant to work and it took ages to serve us even there wasn’t many people in the restaurant to start with. The girl who came to serve us was chewing a gum and she saw us with a bottle of wine. However she never came back with glasses. So we had to go over to the counter to ask for them. She did finally come but never offered to open the bottle. So we had to manage opening the bottle by ourselves.The service was just like that through out our stay. However we have to say the chefs are very attentive and eager to please the customers. The show is very entertaining. So it is a lot of fun especially if you go as a big group. But if you are after real authentic Japanese food and service, I suggest to go to restaurants owned by Japanese or even Kiwis.

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Mark R.


23rd September 2010
3 star rating
It was good food and good service. Nothing special, just good.

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24th July 2010
4 star rating
To enjoy this restaurant you need to have your expectations managed and clear. It is like crossing the idea of a restaurant with a night at the theatre. The food is excellent. The ‘theatre’ of being cooked for by a chef in front of you is superb – but don’t go for a romantic dinner it is entertainment…the chef throws bowls of rice as part of the whole thing…The service can be interpreted as ‘unfriendly and impersonal’ from a Kiwi perspective in fact it is authentic Japanese – to be servile and unintrusive is to show respect. However they are very friendly if you show that is the experience you want.Cheers Jake Pearce

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11th July 2010
4 star rating
recently been for the first time, poor decor but very attentive staff, most helpful,language was a bit of a barrier,but we embrace diff. cultures – beautiful food, from, steak to prawns, superbly cooked, the chefs are not stuck up, totally relaxed and confident. My kids are under 10 and they had the best fun with the chef. BYO instead of choosing from wine list. :)

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29th October 2009
4 star rating
Not a bad place at all. The food is good and the cook is even better…providing entertainment while you eat and while he’s cooking. The waitreses aren’t around as much or attendtive, but it could be a cultural thing.

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8th September 2009
5 star rating
This restaurant is absaloutly fantastic! I went there for my brothers 50th birthday last month and had a ball! Fantastic menu, staff & food! I highly recommend it for any occasion!

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2nd September 2009
4 star rating
I have been to this restaurant many times and have never been disappointed with the food or staff. It’s not a five star restaurant, it doesn’t pretend to be so don’t expect haute cuisine. Great entertainment and the food is so yummy.

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10th December 2008
1 star rating
Pity I couldn’t put no stars here. Went along to Fujiyama for a BYO birthday dinner. Two of the girls had wine spilt on them with no apology. We kindly asked for some sort of birthday celebration, they offered some pancakes which never appeared, honest mistake but they denied ever agreeing. When asked at the end about all of the above, they insisted we all pay, no apology & then overcharged us by three people. Most alarming, we witnessed the staff filling up empty wine bottles from a cask… lucky we bought our own!

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25th September 2008
5 star rating
The service of the waitresses and hosts is typical for a japanese restaurant in NZ and it can me misinterpreted as uncaring or surly to some but all staff are very helpful if you ask! I have been there many times now and the food is always delicious and there is always enough to eat, but not so much you feel stuffed full. The bathrooms are clean but but flash, but for what the place is, it would almost seem odd for them to have glitzy new bathrooms. The plum wine/liquer is delicious, but I’d suggest if you are wanting wine make good use of their byo policy, the wine list isn’t flash.
Wonderful food, great entertainment as it is cooked, great atmosphere with friends but not a place to dine alone or take wriggling children. I’d recommend no one under 10.

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7th September 2008
2 star rating
After really looking forward to this place, i was very disappointed. WE though this would be a good place to to with the childre – we were wrong; the staff were unpleasant and sour, the food was delicious, but the service was rushed and impersonal, restaurant and bathrooms were freezing cold, i wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone……………

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