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Fortune Fountain Restaurant

3_half star rating
15 reviews

Cuisine: Chinese

428 Lake Rd
North Shore, Auckland
09-488 6789


  • Mon – Sun
  • 10am – 3pm, 5pm -10:30pm
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15 Reviews for Fortune Fountain Restaurant



9th May 2014
5 star rating
Me and my wife have been here about half a dozen times and it is always great. Excellent food, friendly service and nice and busy. It pays to book in the weekends if there is a few of you, otherwise for a couple it should be OK to turn up (that is from our experience anyway).
We’re going again tomorrow.

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16th March 2014
5 star rating
Deliciously cooked to order dishes and the crispy duck with pancakes Pekin style was to die for!
Some of the best Chinese cuisine we have had worldwide and a banquet not be missed.
This establishment has not been running under present management for long and is determined to produce excellence.
Shortly they will welcome on of the most renowned dim sun chefs from Hongkong.

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22nd February 2014
1 star rating
I ate here a couple of times. The first time, it was fine. Although there’s really a language barrier as a lot of them hardly speak English. You just point to the menu and so when I ordered the Malaysian fried rice, the waiter thought I wanted the Malaysian rice noodles. Of course, I told him I didn’t order that and so I wouldn’t pay for it. The waiter insisted that I pay for it so I stood my ground. There’s no way on earth that I’m going to pay for something that I didn’t order.Hello! So he backed down.
The 2nd time I ate there, I ordered the durian mochi. It was dinner time. I know for a fact that its only $5.50. Its clearly written on the menu. Besides, this will be my 3rd time ordering it. When I finished eating and it was time for me to pay up, lo and behold, I was charged $10 for the durian mochi! I clarified this with the staff and even the manager, the staff couldn’t explain it so the manager said that during dinner time the price change. I asked him to show me where it says that the durian mochi is $10. He couldn’t show me anything. I showed him the Yum Cha menu that clearly showed that its just $5.50. The manager just shrugged his shoulder and basically told me just to take their word for it! UNBELIEVABLE!!! SO, GUYS, BEWARE OF THIS SCHEME!
I never went back to this Fortune fountain restaurant again even if I just live a stone’s throw away from the restaurant. Take your money elsewhere!

Visited January 2014

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1st February 2014
1 star rating
I have been to this place a few times for yum cha. Initially, it was pretty good, but it has been getting worse. The place is getting more dirty and the food is not that fresh at times.
However, recently, I have had dinner twice there. Both were terrible. Expensive and very bad. The latest episode is on the day of Chinese New Year.
The service was poor. They charge $138 for a steamed live fish. They never showed us the live fish before they took it to kitchen (which they should in most Chinese restaurants). When it was served, it was small and the flesh was crumbly like steamed frozen fish and over cooked. All the portions for all the other dishes were small. We got the lettice wrap for the 2nd part of the Peking duct and the duck meat was mushy. It just doesn’t taste like the same duck meat as those on the 1st part of the Peking duck.

Visited January 2014

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6th January 2014
5 star rating
A great place for Yum Char on the weekends, although it pays to book.

We’ve been to a few Yum Char places around Auckland with friends and the Fortune Fountain is our favourite!

Very yummy, good selection & variety, well priced, food comes around quickly! Excellent staff! Nice restaurant setup.

We’ve been at least a dozen or more times… and we’re very happy customers each time we visit!

Visited December 2013

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12th November 2013
1 star rating
50 minutes for the first bowl of soup to arrive…………!

We booked for a party of 6 to celebrate a 50th birthday. Specifically choosing a Sunday evening believing that the restaurant would be quiet. How wrong we were!

On arrival the main dining area was bursting, it appeared that a church group and its large congregation had block booked the restaurant for the evening. We were scurried away to a back room, resembling grandmas dining room and shoehorned around a folding table, joining fellow diners who had been previously shoehorned….very cozy!

Having ordered it took a long 50 minutes for the first food to appear….1 bowl of soup. By now so hungry, a stand off occurred, the first to break their stare lost!

At ten to fifteen minute intervals sporadic dishes appeared on the fold up table, being a party of six having ordered hartley…..we were in for a long night!

And what a long, ambiance lacking, service lacking experience I do not ever intend to repeat, night it was.

The restaurant was totally overbooked.

If they cared about their clientele they should have warned us when the table was booked the previous evening.

No! instead they appear only concerned in cramming ‘bums on seats’ in order to make $$$ and not caring if they are able to provide a half quality service.

Something tells me that fortune will not befall this establishment far into the future……..

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25th August 2013
2 star rating
Very bad service. Do not try the Sizzling steak/beef… it was tough and very difficult to eat. When we complained to the waiter he proceeded to cut a piece with a knife and walked off. We thought he would come back with a replacement dish but he just ignored us. When we asked, he said if he can cut it with a knife it is fine. When we asked him to try a piece if he doesn’t believe us, he refused and just said he would cancel the dish. No apologies no nothing.

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20th July 2013
1 star rating
Sadly lacking – the service was very poor, very grumpy people only one out of about 15 staff actually smiled. We were the only kiwis in the restaurant and we felt like we were not welcome at all when the other tables were being given lovely friendly service.
When we asked for recommendations we were brushed off, so we made our choices – low quality meat was served and when I said the BBQ Pork was cold she offered to microwave it for us!!!
Very disappointing, for two mains & an entree $78.10.

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18th July 2013
5 star rating
Wow! What a taste experience.

I had recently heard about Fortune Fountain from friends so decided to try it out.

Beautiful authentic decor, warm greeting from friendly staff & the food delicious …. Try the sizzling fillet beef.

At last a beautiful contemporary Chinese restaurant in Auckland!

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16th July 2013
4 star rating
At last a proper Yum Char place in Takapuna. So this review is written by a banana (half Cantonese, in NZ all my life, my Chinese granny was one of the best in the kitchen in Wellington ;-) So the first time we went, I took my 70 year old parent in-laws who had never been to Yum Char in their lives before – they totally embarrassed me by asking for forks (hee hee). But I’m glad to say they totally enjoyed the food and we even made them try chicken’s feet. This restaurant was good quality, lots of variety (even in the dessert selection, which some Yum Char restaurants do not focus so much on). The staff were super friendly, the younger staff especially – probably because there was no language barrier cf. the older serving staff. The maitre d’ could definitely learn how to smile and perhaps revise her wording to come across more friendly when she told us “you have one hour and then you give up your table”, but don’t let her scare you the food is great!! I know the restaurant is quite new so I’m sure the new owners are anxious that everything go smoothly for their customers, but it would make us more at ease if they didn’t hover in the corners like the Chinese mafia, watching the every move of their staff ;-) Anyway, we’ll be back – all our Pakeha friends are keen to join us. You always know it’s a good Chinese restaurant when your husband is they only whitey in the room ;-) p.s love their large chandelier!! I would recommend booking if you go on a Saturday or Sunday from noon.

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15th July 2013
5 star rating
It was literally amaze balls.

The experience of the yum-cha that I ate was like re-invigorating myself after being hungover the night before.

It was like having a delicious saline IV drip that replenishes your soul but in the form of dumplings.

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15th July 2013
5 star rating
Fortune Fountain is the best Chinese restaurant I have ever experienced in New Zealand. I went to Yum Cha on Sunday and was blown away by the freshness and quality of their food. Their sticky rice was incredibly fresh and delicious.

The team who work there are very friendly, well presented and helpful. The carts came around regularly and I never had to wait for food to arrive.

Because Fortune Fountain is new, the aesthetic of the fitout is super Chinese, lots of red and some amazing little chandeliers scattered throughout… This makes it a clean and fun space to dine in.

I can’t wait to go back – but the place was very busy already so I would definitely book ahead for next time.

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1st July 2013
3 star rating
We visited this new restaurant on Saturday night. Good to see it so busy. We were seated quickly and our drinks order was taken soon after—also the tea pot was delivered and refilled regularly through the evening. Not sure if the restaurant intends customers to go for fix menus or not—no one said so. We didn’t.
There are only 3 entrees on the menu-deep fried spring rolls, deep fried wontons and salt and pepper squid. We ordered the rolls and squid—same sauce for both. Rolls very very ordinary and explosively crisp, squid was only ok. The batter was a bit stodgy and there was very little seasoning. The servings were the size expected—see below. We thought we would choose something basic from the menu—something easy to measure against other restaurants. The mains seemed expensive for a Chinese restaurant (high $20’s to mid $30’s) so we hoped for something special. I suppose we got it. We ordered Barbequed pork and eggplant casserole. That is exactly what we got but the servings were ridiculously large. Not the “something special we hoped” for or wanted. We are quite good eaters but the sight of these servings was daunting!! . On the other hand the rice servings were mean. We got big doggie bags to take home—which we were invited to fill ourselves. Overall food quality and presentation—average-certainly not premium.
We certainly hope they do well in the future and will probably try the Yum Char sometime (not offered in the evening or not when we were there) but won’t be back for dinner.

Visited June 2013

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Liz D.


30th June 2013
5 star rating
This restaurant is very new to takapuna, I have been 3 times now since it has opened, and I can not fault the establishment.

They have the best roast pork I have tried so far at any yum char restaurants, they also do amazing steamed pork buns and Devine sweet and sour pork.

They have an extensive choice from their staff that come around, and also cater for vegetarians. (Try their green beans… AMAZE!)

Every time we have been in, it has been really busy and the word is getting around how awesome it really is.

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28th June 2013
1 star rating
This was below standard. There was an awful damp smell in the restaurant and it was freezing! We were in at opening time but that is know excuse for how cold it was. Service was ok, friendly but still could of been better. More food court manner than restaurant.
My food wasn’t very nice. Plain, no flavour and oily. The chicken was….? Well like rubber, I couldn’t eat it. My partner enjoyed his prawns.
Not worth the money and needs to seriously step up in all areas. Disappointed!

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