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Fidel’s Cafe

3_half star rating
26 reviews

Cuisine: Cafe

234 Cuba St
Wellington Central
Wellington City
04-801 6868


  • Mon – Fri 7:30am – 10pm
  • Sat 8am – 10pm
  • Sun 9am – 10pm
  • Payment Types: EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX
  • Price Range: Moderate, $15 - $25
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Alcohol: Beer, Wine, Spirits
  • BYO/Corkage: No BYO
  • Parking: Pay & Display
  • Good For Groups: Yes
  • Good For Children: Yes
  • Takeaways: Yes
  • Delivers: No
  • Takes Reservations: No
  • Dietary Restrictions: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Outdoor Seating: Yes
  • Meals: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night, Dessert
  • Wi-Fi: None

A bastion at the top of Cuba Street. Fidel’s is one of the most popular spots in town. Licensed and serving from the menu for breakfast and all the way through, Fidel’s has some of the best counter food in town as well as a full lunch and dinner menu. Part of the Havana family, Havana coffee comes fresh from the roastery just around the corner. A summer sun-trap, the front courtyard is an ideal spot to lose time.

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26 Reviews for Fidel’s Cafe



11th July 2014
4 star rating
staff seemed very busy and quite unfriendly. They often push you out of the way without a word or apology. have been here quite often, and this seems to always be the case. the waiters rarely smile.

very nice! two outside ares where you can smoke and nice music playing.

very tasty! i recommend the wedges or the apricot chicken pizza. from 4pm they do a great 20$ deal, a large pizza and two beers, which i highly recommend!
for dessert – waffles with ice cream and hot cherries.

average, 18$ for a large pizza. could be a bit cheaper, but you pay for the atmosphere which is very nice ( outside! )

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30th June 2014
4 star rating
OMG! This place is so quirky … thought I was back in Melbourne. Really cool relaxed atmosphere. Food was so yumie and lovely fresh juices. Highly recommend this place to Everyone visiting Wellington.

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2nd April 2014
3 star rating
Visited with a friend for lunch. This is her favourite spot. I found it busy and hard to find a seat. Didn’t feel that clean and hard to get staffs attention to take order.

Our food arrived quickly and was hot and delicious. Coffee was quick to be served but for overall experience I can’t say it hit the mark with me.

Visited January 2014

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1st April 2014
2 star rating
Great location, busy atmosphere and awesome coffee.
Felt like the customer service could be better! The staff seem to be very stressed out and rude.
I ordered the House Smoked Salmon on Hash Brown – It was a basic meal, I felt very unsatisfied with it. My partner ordered the Eggs Benedict with ham – Looked yum and tasted good! I wish ordered that instead.

Visited March 2014

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Andy G.


31st December 2013
5 star rating
Love this place.

It’s a definition of Cuba St.

Brunches, coffees, and ambience – all top notch.

The back courtyard is one of my favourite spots to chill.

Good one. Keep it up.

Visited September 2013

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29th December 2013
4 star rating
Fidel’s Cafe has accurately emulated the theme, decor and mood of a Cuban street. The layout of the restaurant, albeit quite cramped and dusky, nonetheless captures the essence of what Fidel’s is about.

My order of Eggs Benedict with homemade hash was made to a high standard. The hollandaise sauce was especially good. With hollandaise sauce being such a cliche sauce in cafes nowadays, it is rare to come across a worthwhile one. Fidel’s hollandaise sauce is unique, tangy and the right balance of richness. The sauce essentially made the whole dish!

I concur with other reviewers regarding the wait times and service. It can be a long wait before you are seated and served (it took around 15 minutes for us).

Coffee is made to a satisfactory standard, using Havana coffee beans. While I am not a particularly huge fan of Havana’s dark/strong roast, barista technique and skill was of a good standard nonetheless.

Overall, a good lunch experience. My fellow diner and I will sure be back to give it another go in the near future!

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8th September 2013
3 star rating
Very impressed with their chocolate milkshakes and a cheese and tomato swirly thing I had (for $4.50!!!). Very tasty but the staff are a but uppity and the place is always busy and not the cleanest.

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1st September 2013
1 star rating
The quality of the cheese scones are not what they used to be… they are not only a lot smaller than they used to be, they are also very plain and floury. They don’t have enough cheese in them, and my friends and I miss the chillie in them also. If this is a way to save money its not fooling anyone as they are tasteless in comparison to what used to be the best scones in Wellington.

Visited August 2013

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13th August 2013
2 star rating
Really poor brunch at Fidels, and unfortunately it wasn’t the first. It’s been slowly going downhill service-wise every time I’ve been going it seems…we weren’t advised of the over one hour (over ONE HOUR!) wait time for our brunch, so we were getting really, really angsty. By the time it arrived, 2 of them were tepid at best – obviously been sitting there while the rest were cooking. SO disappointing! We were so hungry we ate them anyway – and aside from the temperature of the tepid mushroom and spinach, they were pretty good brunches. When we complained about the wait times and the 2 cold orders, we were shrugged off. So now, we’re annoyed to furious. They begrudgingly give the one who complained ten percent off, but not the rest…but by the time we realize we’re out the door! We all swear never again. Service is so rude.

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Liv W.


5th April 2013
5 star rating
The vege breakfast was SO good. Runny eggs, large sliced buttery/garlic mushrooms were salty and yum, hashbrown was golden and crunchy, wilted spinach brightly supplying a freshness to the dish…. and so on. Everything on the plate was wonderful.

The place was entirely packed and pumping! But we scored the best seat in the house on a hot day – outside undercover, right beside the front footpath for fresh air and people-watching. Well, not really fresh-air, because smokers were about doing their thing. But no drama – it’s a pretty laid-back establishment.

Staff were really helpful and chipper, in spite of rushing fast to get everyone served without too much of a wait, as they had an absolutely full house when we arrived for ‘brunch’ at ten to 2pm.

Because we had a preschooler in tow, I decided to speed up the ordering process by queuing up at the counter to order (because shortly after we were seated we had unwisely asked our table waitress to give us more time to decide… but ended up waiting 10 mins for her return)… but the staff were unphased and friendly about me then placing our table order at the counter. Staff then happily came over promptly to take our drinks order as requested. Nicely done :)

I would come back to Fidels in a flash.

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21st February 2013
1 star rating
Fidel’s has everything going for it in terms of the fit out, location and delicious food, however the service and wait times are terrible.

The front of house staff seem pleasant enough however it is a pity that the kitchen seem to lack urgency and passion to the food they send out.

Every time I have dined at Fidel’s, there has always been an error with our order, this comes in the form of hairs in food or food just not appearing whatsoever.

I would love to see a more energetic and hardworking kitchen wanting to please customers but it seems that all the kitchen staff do is stand around and chat while occasionally sending out food when it best suits them.

Such a pity for such a wonderful iconic Wellington institution.

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31st October 2012
2 star rating
The service at Fidel’s is possibly the worst I have ever experienced in New Zealand. The staff are uninterested in customers, often rude and it sometimes takes up to 20 minutes just to get a single coffee. It’s a shame because the food is great and it is such a cute place.

Visited July 2012

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23rd August 2012
4 star rating
Good brunches. Fidel’s Feast always hits the spot. The staff have always been really friendly in my experience. This place gets really crowded on the weekends, though, so make sure you show up early to get a table.

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8th February 2012
3 star rating
always a solid option. fidels feast cant really go wrong and rest of brunch menu is pretty good to. staff are a bit shit sometimes and wait can be a bit long as it gets very busy

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3rd February 2012
2 star rating
The staff think they are ‘ubber cool’. Really put me off this place which is a shame as the coffee and food are amazing… just a shame the staff are so aloof!

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1st October 2011
3 star rating
A nice cafe near my work. I like coming here for my afternoon coffee and cigarette. The outside areas are full of groovy decor, seems to be a catch for the younger crowd. Great coffee and an amazing a custard and berry brioche they have! However i thought the cabinet food lacked freshness. The staff is there biggest let down, the are rather aloof and didn’t seem to care much about customer service, more just doing there job.
Dispite that i recommend it

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17th July 2011
3 star rating
Great food especially their burgers and plenty of it. Only complaint is their service – you have to find your own! Would be useful if you knew whether to order at the counter or not. Then the food takes some time to come.

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24th March 2011
5 star rating
Always good. Quick service, large tasty brunches. Fantastic coffee. Toilet a bit cheap for the food prices but even so food is really really delicious! Inside and outdoor seating options which is nice.

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28th October 2010
5 star rating
Great place for brunch, dinner or just hanging out for coffee and dessert! Love the decor inside, with the large outdoor dining area! Check out the beer & pizza deals, or their dessert offerings… to die for!

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25th August 2009
4 star rating
great milkshakes and iced mocha. brunch is great too.

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6th April 2009
4 star rating
Fidel’s is a fantastic hang out spot. We love the atmosphere and the food is always fresh and delicious. Only complaint would be that the service is usually pretty slow.

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3rd January 2009
4 star rating
I’ve been going to Fidel’s for years. The coffee (Havana) is always top quality and the food usually good. This morning, six of us had brunch. We were thrilled to get table service – usually we join the queue at the counter. Three of us had hard poached eggs arrive, but the rest of our meals were enjoyable. A great selection of generously-sized counter food is always available, too.

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19th July 2008
4 star rating
The food here is usually excellent. This includes both the menu and their cabinet food. There are vege and vegan options available. Fidel’s serve Havana coffee which is a decent strong coffee but tastes weak when served in a bowl size.

The problem I have with Fidel’s is their client focus. there are only about 10 tables for the inside, while their “outside” area have about the same if not more. Increasing the non smoking area would benefit this please immensely.

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24th May 2008
4 star rating
Great place to have a coffee with alternate atmospheres to enjoy:

Out the side in the sun, out the back in a funky covered area or inside on a booth or table.

I love the food especially the brunches.

Can be VERY VERY busy which results in uncomfortable queues where the staff have to push through you constantly to deliver their orders and you are unable to find a table once you have ordered.

Beware – the back area is quite smoky at times.

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25th October 2007
5 star rating
Food always to a high standard and reasonably priced – funky atmos, wgtn icon!

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31st July 2007
5 star rating
Relaxed & chilled. Great food. Best cooked breakfast ever. Hollandaise on everything. Super.

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