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Espresso Owens Road

3_half star rating
14 reviews

Cuisine: Cafe

2 Owens Rd
Auckland City
09 630 9397


  • Mon – Fri 7am – 4.30pm
  • Sat – Sun 8am – 4.30pm
  • Facilities/Features:
    • Children's Menu
  • Payment Types: EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Liquor License: Unlicensed
  • Seating for: 35
  • Good For Children: Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Espresso Bar is located on the corner of Owens and Manukau Road with on-site car parking accessed from Owens Road

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14 Reviews for Espresso Owens Road

16th April 2014
3 star rating
It interests me that so many people dislike this cafe. I eat out at a lot of cafe’s and I know what good, great and terrible food and coffee is like. I know that this cafe doesn’t have ‘blow your mind’ food but i thought it was nice and certainly would (and do) go back. Their baking is very nice. I can recommend the coconut, raspberry loaf especially if its heated. Also the carrot cake is yummy! (but if your not a fan of icing you may not like)
I’ve also been there for breakfast their bagels are good even though its simple I have had bad bagels before! Also their muesli is fab is you want a healthier breakfast.
I think their coffees are good and their banana smoothies are to die for especially if you ask for it to be extra banana-ery!

I think this is a cute friendly cafe to go to if your not looking for top class breakfast/snack. It’s always bustling with people so get in early!! :)

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15th September 2013
2 star rating
Have been to this cafe many times. Coffee is great but the food is very average. Now I will never go again. Ordered a cooked breakfast and a three shot coffee on my credit card as did not have cash. 5 minutes later a staff member came over and told me she did not charge me for the extra shot of coffee and if I wanted it I would have to pay an extra 50 cents. Was I supposed to make another credit card transaction for the 50 cents???

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11th August 2013
4 star rating
My local though I don’t always go because I don’t work nearby. I go on weekends as I live near by and I feel they have the best coffee around. I usually only go for Allpress but the quality of the barristers vary from cafe to cafe. I’ve never had a bad coffee here.

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28th July 2013
3 star rating
My father always says the coffee is the best in Auckland. The food is alright but not the best. The hot chocolate isn’t the best either. I haven’t tried the coffee but very nice supposedly. Good service.

Would go back there but if you are looking for amazing food go to Olafs in Mt Eden, Auckland.

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3rd May 2013
5 star rating
Excellent coffee and reasonably priced! Staff are friendly and parking available not far away.

Their date scones are also very nice but haven’t tried any of their other food.

A regular place for me to get my takeout coffees!

Visited April 2013

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10th October 2012
4 star rating
This is my favourite cafe in Epsom for Breakfast, brunch or lunch. the coffee is very good and the food is delicious.
My favourite is the corn fritters which are stacked with rocket leaves and topped with a fresh tomato salsa, they melt in your mouth.
I also like the fresh toasties which have different fillings and creamy swiss cheese. My husbands favourite is Huevos de Ranchos which consists of potatoes, spicy cabanosi sausage, chopped tomatoes and 2 fried eggs. He orders it for brunch every time he goes there.
The staff are always welcoming and efficient and I would recommend it for a quick and tasty brunch or lunch.

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13th March 2012
5 star rating
Hi there, first of all I just want to say that this cafe got some few nice characters despite small space. coffee is great and always generous(slightly cheaper but way good quality),
sandwiches are very genuine(can’t find this kind of generous sandwiches fillings around newmarket/epsom).
This cafe is dominating by coffee but food is highly recommended, especially high quality of specials on the board…we don’t wanna go to cafe for heavy, unusual foods, right? this cafe is small but got every tastes and qualities(simple but very good)…so check it out

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12th March 2012
4 star rating
Great coffee and love the berry smoothies (although I was very disappointed when they made them smaller for the same price!). The food is generally good but the menu has stayed the same since the old owners sold it so am a bit bored of it… but thats maybe just because I go there far too often!

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24th January 2012
2 star rating
While I like the coffee at Espresso I have to say their food is not always the best, considering their prices. I have been a regular customer, but today I ordered a sandwich which looked good but the bread was quite obviously stale. On closer inspection I found a highly processed cheese slice in it. Ugh! I was appalled, so returned it and even though it was exchanged for something else I was disappointed in their response. I did not get a sincere apology, just some excuse about it having been uncovered in the cold cabinet therefore the bread had dried out. I had thought they could do better than that! :(

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12th October 2010
5 star rating
Not a big coffee drinker but do enjoy their chai lattes. One of the best I have ever had, very smooth and creamy. Great food on menu and in cabinet, with gluten free and vegetarian options!
Will be visiting again.

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7th October 2010
1 star rating
I have been a regular customer for quite a while. They had (6 months ago) the best berry smoothies I could find and the staff where friendly enough until recently. Now day’s there food is average, they have a couple of unprofessional and under-trained fools working for them, they are way too busy to be comfortable and on one particular day a member of staff shows a complete lack of regard to fairness by giving his girlfriend the berry smoothie I had been patiently waiting for. The situation only deteriorates from here as I am given a banana berry smoothie not the berry one I had ordered and fully paid for. I never got an apology! Oh well they lose a client!
PS: David, there is a grammatical error in the first line of your job add; Is should be are.

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Comment from David H. of Espresso Owens Road 7/10/2010   
I am very sorry for the mistake that has happen. Like you said, we recently had a run of bad/average staff members and we are trying really hard to recruit good staffs. As for this particular staff member that you mentioned. I believed I know who you are…    More »



10th August 2010
4 star rating
interesting, other reviews are very well divided! Personally, the few times I’ve been, David (the awesome barrister) made my coffee, so yeah the coffee was fab. And he seems friendly enough. The wait staff are so so, you get the odd smile adorning person who does his or her job. Food is well, similarly priced to other cafes but not nearly as nice.

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26th August 2009
5 star rating
I am a regular customer at this little local spot. Coffee is consistently good if not one of the best.They change their blends of coffee/origins on regular bases.So I get to experience all sorts of different flavours.
Most of their food are made on site, so I believed. Nothing too out of ordinary, but all done reasonably well with lots of care.
Very busy but warming little places most of the time, in fact, sometimes just a bit too busy for a regular like me who like to take time to enjoy my cuppa. ^_^

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8th July 2009
1 star rating
this place is rubbish we went their two weeks ago , the coffee was a disaster , they advertise that they have one of the best Barista on they window , i dont think so , the food and service is very average , wont be going their again thats for shure.

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