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Carl’s Jr.

3 star rating
24 reviews

Cuisine: Fast Food, Burgers, American (New), Breakfast

113-117 Felton Mathew Ave
St Johns
Auckland City
09 528 2145


  • Mon – Sun 7am – Midnight
  • Price Range: Cheap, Under $15
  • Dress Code: Casual
  • Parking: Free Off-Street
  • Good For Groups: Yes
  • Good For Children: Yes
  • Takeaways: Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Outdoor Seating: No
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night

Charbroiled Burgers. Legendary American burger chain Carl’s Jr has hit New Zealand’s shores! (First in Takanini, and now in Glen Innes)

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24 Reviews for Carl’s Jr.

19th June 2014
2 star rating
My children and I love Carl’s jr and we always dine in 2x or sometimes 3x a week. But last Wednesday we order 1x breakfast burger n 2x bacon & egg sandwiches. Then my children asked for ketchup n mayo. When the staffs delivered our meals, the manager gave us 2x mayo n ketchup so i asked for more. The other staff gave me 2x mayo as requested. Then when i asked again for 1x ketchup the manager asked me to pay 50c for the ketchup. Then themanager told me that it was policy n i already requested 2x. I asked the manager in St. John when this happened that carl’s jr are charging for 1 sachet for 50c. He told me that its been 3 wks but bulls**t. Last week I was there with my children n no one charge me anything when i asked for extra mayo n ketchup. Even when we dine in at Avondale today staffs never asked me to pay extra for mayo n ketchups. I will never ever dine in at Carl’s jr every Wednesday better find a restaurant to dine for breakfast.

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Matt H.


16th June 2014
4 star rating
We regularly visit the St Johns restaurant, and have always had great service and awesome food. The burgers are much more tasty and ‘home made’ than McDonalds, Burger King or Wendys. Heck, I even prefer them to the horrible beef patties Burger Fuel is flogging off.

Yes, they are greasy and no doubt full of fat but man they are tasty!

Fries good, DIY Jalapenos awesome, and a clean and comfortable atmosphere.

Visited May 2014

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5th April 2014
1 star rating
I hate Carl’s Jr.. It’s the worst burger ever.. It’s not even worth the 1 star I’ve given it… Went to the Takanini restaurant after I heard great reviews about it. Hated it.. The fries were covered with salt.

Thought I’d try it again just in case the Takanini restaurant was just a bad experience … So tried the one in Botany.. It was just as same as Takanini.. So bad

Visited November 2013

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4th December 2013
1 star rating
Carl’s Jr has had an impressive, world record breaking sales figures in the first week of opening in NZ; and rightfully so after sampling a few burgers myself in those first few weeks. The burgers were juicy, tasty, sizable, value for money and commands a return visit. Since then, I have been back around 3 times in the past few months; and the burgers are now bland and mediocre. Very disappointing given the fantastic first impressions of Carl’s Jr. Is this a normal trend and standard business practice for this company? I will never know. In the meantime, I am avoiding Carl’s Jr. burgers altogether and I strongly suggest you do the same.

Visited November 2013

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22nd October 2013
2 star rating
Didn’t have a pen on me to fill out a feedback form when I was just there. Have been twice and have found both times to be poor. The burger was nice, which is why I went back. And because it’s still more inviting than the Timezone/Burger King on Queen St. But the restaurant and bathrooms in the Carls Jr Queen St location are DISGUSTING. There’s always rubbish lying around for ages, the first time I went there the rubbish bin was leaking fizzy drink and there was a dangerous puddle on the floor they did nothing about. Poor environment = poor experience. Clean it up.

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5th May 2013
3 star rating
Kids love chicken nuggets, so why don’t you do them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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24th July 2013
1 star rating
Went here after it opened just to try it out, I didn’t really enjoy the serving sauces, poor hygiene as many were cross contaminating, anyway I ordered a burger with two patties, and received it, good size but burger wasn’t assembled properly exposing the quality of patties, they were grey and they had all these little tubes in it like it was the bad part of the animal, my friend got a good pattie but he thought it was too greasy, I liked the sauce and chips though.

went there tonight on the 23rd july, I ordered and friend ordered but forgot the number tag and the people behind orded and got the same number and ended up having our burgers we complained and the indian manager wouldn’t accept that he was wrong he was blamming us for the number we didn’t choose, 4 customers inside and they couldn’t remember the orders, poor customer service and respect

Visited July 2013

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29th January 2013
2 star rating
Great burgers. Compared with the selection of existing fast food burger chains, Carl’s Jr offers something different for those looking for a quick bite with quality ingredients. However, I’m really not impressed with the service. I asked for Jalepenos in a burger which doesn’t contain jalepenos. Fair enough, the burger doesn’t have jalepenos in the ingredient list. So I ask if I can pay extra and they said “no” to adding jalepenos or even serving them on the side. If you go inside, you can get jalepenos from the salad bar. Because this one ingredient is not on the menu, they will not provide in any way shape or form for drive thru customers! However, if you purchase a jalepeno burger, you can ask for extra jalepenos! I do not agree with this retail mentality and sincerely hope Carl’s Jr’s management will rectify this. (I don’t know about their policy for other ingredients as jalepenos are the only additional ingredient which I really enjoy in burgers!)

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24th January 2013
5 star rating
Best burgers in town. They are so good, we hate that we love them so much!

What makes the burgers even better is that every time we come here, it has always been a great experience. Service is fast and accurate plus staff are very helpful and friendly.

Great job to the team!

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16th January 2013
5 star rating
They make the best ‘bargain’ burgers in town. Way better value than Burger King, Wendy’s, MacDonalds etc. For what you pay, you get a decent sized burger. When we go, my wife & I just have a burger each and one large fries. Makes a fantastic quick dinner. The staff are always friendly, and do their best to keep the restaurant clean is spite of some of the slobs who make a mess.

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14th January 2013
5 star rating
The food here is great and also DEEEELICIOUS, and very fulfilling, the customer service on the other hand is awesome I’ve been to 3 different Carl’s Jr’s and the people are extremely friendly. I had to wait for the one out in Mangere to open because it was the closest to us. In one week the kids had Carl’s Jr twice.

Definitely recommend Carl’s Jr to anyone of all ages, especially when you run out of ideas for dinner this is one place you should check out.

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8th January 2013
1 star rating
I’m sad to say What a complete waste of time that was.
Tuesday evening let’s go to Carl Jnr. 20 minute drive from my place across town to St Johns

Order a porabello thick I get Chicken.

Phone to complain only to be told “I’m sorry would you like a refund for that or a free meal”
I wanted what I ordered!
To receive either of those such “GENEROUS” offers I would have to go back. A 40 minute round trip
What on earth makes them think i would want to do that again !!!!!!!

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7th July 2013
4 star rating
better than McDonald’s hands down and probably is the nicest fast food restaurant in Auckland but still it’s junk food..good if you’re in need of a quick lunch or just a quick snack on the go. the price is also very cheap provided how big their portion sizes are

Visited October 2012

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20th September 2012
4 star rating
My first time there this afternoon, a friend took me there. The place looks good, I just had mY double western Bacon Cheese Burger when I got home. I am proud to say that its the best burger I have ever tasted, its a mouth full. I’ll spread the word to my friends to check it out.
I’ll certainly come back for more until I have tasted every meal on the menu:)

Out of 10 score I’ll give it a 8/10.

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9th August 2012
3 star rating
My two kids and I visited Carls Jnr on the 7th of august 2012, the service was excellent and so was the food, but my only concern was a customer walked into the restraunt very drunk using inappropriate language, this customer was also flashing herself in the restraunt. Itss so disappointing that none of the staff members came to deal with the situation. My 10 year old was frightened that we had to leave early. I hate for this kind of stuff to ruin the excellent reputation we have of this restraunt, because we loved the service and food their very much, my kids always want to come there, we even recommend this place to our families here and from overseas too. I think that the staff could have done something for the safety of other customers but instead they ignored the situation.

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25th June 2012
3 star rating
Been several times now. Adore the skin-on fries, very different and tasty.

Big portions, mean good value for money, although a tad messy to eat !!!

Bad for the waistline, perhaps I’ll try the ‘lettuce burger’ next time !

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5th June 2012
5 star rating
Wonderful food. Generous portions and always hot. Great service and clean. Above all, this is actually a FAST-FOOD restaurant. Food comes fast, it’s always accurate and is given with a smile.
Will definitely come back whenever I’m in Auckland!!!


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16th April 2012
3 star rating
We live at west Newlynn and my friends from northshore , just to have a meal cz I miss Carl’s jr when I used to live in SF:) .
Food was fantastic same taste ” loving it!!”
But the sad part was the table, most of the table has a sticky marks ( dirty ) and the couches has oily marks from the previous customer ( I guess )!! It was Monday afternoon , wasn’t busy tho:( heaps of staff but most of them busy chatting to each other, only one staff who works hard ( the guy who has a disability ) “well done”! He comes every table to clean the table.


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26th March 2012
3 star rating
Went on a Sunday lunchtime and surprised by how busy and popular it seemed, all tables were full so we had to wait for a table to be free.

Ordered chicken burgers and Angus beef burger combo which was delivered to our table (different) standard drink refills available, chips had skin on which was unusual, as they char grill the chicken and beef the taste was similar to Burger King.

A nice addition to the choices available in Auckland and with Restaurant Brands buying the NZ franchise expect the roll out across NZ to be pretty swift.

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5th March 2012
1 star rating
Hi i went to the Takanini store yesterday (04/03/2012) to buy some food for my family.The shop is quiet a distance from my home but since we heard so much from the media and word of mouth from mates we taught we will give it a try..

I spent $25 at the store yesterday.One of the items we purchased was the chili Fry’s,we always check our orders before we leave any store but for that day we did not..
and to my surprise when we opened the box at home all we found was heap of Fry’s with what looks like a dump of stuff on it….I cant believe that they can serve that kind of slop from there stores…My advice to all please check your food before you leave Carl’s Jr takeaways…Very disappointed.

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18th March 2013
1 star rating
In my 25 plus times going to the States I never went to a Carl’s Jr. My local Carl’s was only two streets away but everyone I talked to said the food was bad so I never went there.. A year ago I went past a new fast food building getting built and I noticed it was going to be Carls Jr.
I have been there about 8 times and now I avoid the place, burger king is far better, Carls Jr cannot even cook onion rings, every time they over cook them so they are dark and dry, my Jalapeno Burger was so dry, I think they might have left out a sauce, my big complaint is there super slow drive in, last week I was the only car in the drive in but I had to wait 15 minutes to get my food, I usually time how long they take. Two other times I waited 20 minutes, you might think that is slow but my buddy went inside, he was second in line and it took 30 minutes before he came out to my car.. some of their staff need to learn to say hello or thank you.

My conclusion is stick with wendy’s or burger king

today 17/3/2013 i decided to try carls again.. i went in the drive through.. i was 3rd car back,, i noticed when the car in front got his meal the second car ordered his food.. i thought hell no this system is going to be slow… i waited 7 minutes for the first car to get his meal and then the car in front of me went up to collect food… i timed to see how long i had to wait again… i thought someone would say,, hello whats your order or anything,,, sadly after 11 minutes the second car got his food,, then someone sais hello can i help you.. no you can’t i said and drove off.. i thought 18 minutes waiting was enough.. surely taking orgers before cars move forward would be so much faster,, never again

Visited March 2013

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20th February 2012
4 star rating
Tried my first experience with Carl’s Jr yesterday 19th Feb,and I was amazed. The layout was fantastic, and all the little extras they provide you with is so impressive. And there burgers oh my goodness. There to die for. I really loved my Western burger, my fries and chicken wedges. I’m going there again tonight to try there chicken Burger’s and my mouth is watering already. Awe and look out for the little lemon wedges you can have with your drink. They think of every thing! Brilliant! Thanks Carl’s Jr. I’m a huge fan!

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27th January 2012
5 star rating
Arguably the best fast food burger in New Zealand. They don’t have the full menu you can get in America, but they have imported all of the highlights plus a few things you can’t get anywhere else.

The most unique thing to on the menu are the breakfast biscuit sandwiches. Poorly named for the kiwi palate, these actually taste like a very light and moist savoury scone with bacon, egg and cheese inside. Yum. On the regular menu, swap the fries for deep fried courgette with a side of ranch dipping sauce. Or try the ‘waffle cut’ fries.

Normally when I eat here I don’t count the calories, but the last time I went I finally tried the Santa Fe Chicken burger which was grilled and on a wheatmeal bun. Not exactly ‘health food’ but still a bit less fatty than a cheeseburger.

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19th April 2012
3 star rating
The best thing about Carl’s Jr is their fries. Skin-on. They taste AMAZING!

Second best thing is the Portobello mushroom burger.
I haven’t found another burger that I would rave about at Carl’s Jr. But the first meal I had there, we were both blown away by the flavours of chips & burgers.

Second time we went, we ordered different burgers… and they were a bit average.

But I would have given 5 stars if I was just rating the Portobello mushroom burger and the fries.

Interesting to see the queues out the door and drive-thru cars lining up down the street when (and since) they opened their doors like a month ago. The owners did super-well with their positioning here. I feel a bit sorry for McDonalds in Glen Innes…

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