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Carl’s Jr.

2 star rating
13 reviews

Cuisine: American (New), Burgers, Fast Food

2057 Great North Rd
Auckland City
09 828 1878


  • Mon – Sun 7am – Midnight
  • Price Range: Cheap, Under $15
  • Takeaways: Yes
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night
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13 Reviews for Carl’s Jr.



3rd May 2014
1 star rating
Disgusting. Doesn’t even deserve one star. $26 for two cold, dry, flavorless combos. The chips tasted of cheap oil, were cold and soggy, the onion rings in the burgers were as tough as old boot straps and my mouth tasted of chemicals for hours. I only ended up eating the burger yet I couldn’t sleep due to an upset tummy. I’m never eating there again. I can’t believe this company is still in business after all these negative reviews (I wish that I had read them first).

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16th April 2014
1 star rating
My fiancee and myself went to Carls Jr on Lincoln Rd on Monday night not long before closing time. The drive-through operator was rude and obnoxious. We got 2 burgers. Mine had crusty black onion rings that could not be eaten. My fiancee and I were absolutely disgusted when she found not one but 2 fingernails inside her burger. I recommend to people that they never eat at this disgusting restaurant. And yes I am making formal complaints.

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15th April 2014
1 star rating
Me and my family went to Carls Jr Avondale last night about 5.55pm. The restaurant was disgusting NOT ONE table was cleaned down. The floors were totally unclean there was food on the floors and under the tables, not even the seats for sitting down were cleaned. After we managed to find a reasonably clean table and wipe and clean it down ourselves. I asked one of the staff,” why were the tables so unclean and not cleared up and wiped down”? She replied “that they were busy and would get to it when they can”?
I would like to note the restaurant was not at all busy.

This had been a very bad experience we have been to the Avondale restaurant before and the standard so gone down to the bottom of the scale. The staff were not even polite or friendly. A horrible experience!!

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30th March 2014
2 star rating
Very average from the moment you step in the door. After all the media I thought these would be the biggest and meanest burgers in town. While size is not everything, they were small and dry and lacked anything to make them a good burger.

The meal was not saved by chips as they were limp and missing any love during the cooking.

Not planning to head back anytime soon.

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2nd February 2014
1 star rating
I just came from Carl Jn – they’ve opened a new shop in Avondale with prices (get it) to rival burger fuel – on picture it looks like the burgers are huge and naturally you think that its the same experience as in burger fuel

They put down leaflets with promotions of the various things you can get (a burger for just 5 dollars) so naturally people are flocking

I got a new guy, he didn’t know how to take my order or what I wanted (he actually told me, I am new here) he had to ask

Then the burger was cold! cold! (3 kings burger king styles cold) the bread looked as if it was crushed by a rhino, and the overall burger was as if it was lying there for days or hours I don’t know

so I take a “suggestion” paper (complaint paper) write down exactly my experience saying that the burger was cold (the girl there, attractive actually, dark skin, Maori or Indian not sure)

takes it and says I’ll take it for you (supposed to be anonymous) I think she read it because she was eye balling me as I was walking about

but I come up to another guy (I think it was a manager) he was talking my order (as the other guy was new) I tell him that I wasn’t too happy and that the burger was cold and that’s why I wanted to order another one (for 7.90)

And told him to please tell them (chefs) to make sure this time its hot – he told them to make sure its hot, IT WASN’T!

It was warm at best – its like everything else they took out of the fridge!

So I take another “suggestion paper” (complaint) write “unbelievable” saying that I just bought another burger and it was only slightly better

I put it into the “suggestion box” (complaint) and she saw it and was eye balling me as I was walking out

I come up to a person of Asian decent in a car with a girlfriend (he was getting in) and I asked him “was your burger hot or cold?” he laughed and said “it was very cold” I said “I wrote two complaints!” he and his girlfrieMorend were laughing and as I was ridding away I was being eye balled by this attractive girl…

I came home wrote a third complaint (everything cost me 17.40) and I now regret going there (its somehow my fault…)

Where is that film where he totally lost it (Michael Douglass) in a burger chain – don’t you just wish that somebody would do that

Its a mis rep at best (I don’t think anybody cares either) – they will start caring once I stop going there (and other people) and they will wonder why their business is not going well, BECAUSE OF COLD BURGERS and astronomical prices (I couldn’t understand whether it was inflation or just them)

COLD BURGERS (give me my money back) + hunger = machine gun

UPDATE: manager rang up in a few hours, trying to explain that they didn’t do something (they didn’t reheat the lettuce or something, I couldn’t actually understand (he had an accent as he was a foreigner, which is fine, but I didn’t understand why it was cold) – something to do with room temperature and if they start grilling everything else its going to be crispy (but its still cold)

They offered me a 10 dollar voucher to the address provided (how is that going to make the burgers hot?) I don’t think I’ll take it as overall the experience wasn’t very nice (he said “they were sorry” at the end, not very believable but at least he made an effort)

Nice guy, hard working staff, burgers are cold! (so she did read it and she was eye balling me! Got a call an hour and a half after I got home)

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9th January 2014
4 star rating
I was here March 2013 and was excellent. However, the burgers did seem to shrink since they initially started.

Not sure why reviews have gone so wrong…Will try it again soon!

Service: 4/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 4/5
Food Quality: 4/5
Food Quantity: 4/5
Price range: $10+ pp

Visited March 2013

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27th June 2014
1 star rating
Terrible. I came here expecting little after my previous visit and got what was worse than the time before.
1. They got my order wrong
2. Instead they gave me a terrible burger filled mostly with melted processed cheese.
If you want a legitimate fast food burger, I suggest you go to Burger Wisconsin or Burger Fuel because they serve fresh food unlike Carl’s Jr.
I don’t think I would feed what i got to my dog.

Visited September 2013

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11th August 2013
1 star rating
I went to this Carl’s Jnr earlier this year and purchased a meal through the drive-thru. As I was collecting my meal the lady shoved both drink and meal at me at the same time in a hurry. When she did this the lid of the drink popped off and the drink spilt all down the drivers door and all over myself. As I was meant to be somewhere I called them immediately explaining the situation, the young lady who answered the phone said she would get the manger to contact me the next day. It has now been 2+ months, no returned phone call and every time I call no one has picked up. Appalling.

Visited March 2013

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29th June 2013
1 star rating
Yes I have eaten at Carls Jr twice. The first time, I wasn’t impressed with the hard overcooked chips. I’m one to give things a second try……….Tables were sticky, & burger had been wrapped so tight, everything was squishing out the sides of the burger & through the wrap on arrival to the table. I don’t know how they cook their chips? Without fail second time around the chips arrived overcooked & terribly hard. No! not crunchy, bloody hard. Go to Macs. A least everything is fresh.

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29th March 2013
1 star rating
Absolutely awful. We went there with 2 children, and waited over 20mins for basic burgers and chips…while other adults were served who had arrived after we did. We kept asking our waitress but had to go in search of a manager before anything was done. The food was cold and hard, Crisscut fries soggy and too oily. Tables were sticky and untidy. I was cursing myself why i took my family in such a sloppy place and ruined our night. The manager was clearly not interested at all, Don’t bother complaining either – we emailed the Head Office and haven’t had anything done…I know it’s only basic food but surely they could get something right. Ruined our night out, won’t be going back again ever!

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19th January 2013
1 star rating
Went there today as I heard about it.

It was unbelievable how poor customer service they provided.

Drove thru to order the mushroom burger combo, staff did not even greet us when we arrived at the payment cashier but just gave us the efpost machine…. ridiculous!!!

After I entered my pin, she was chatting with another co-worker….so poor customer service!!!!!

Her name was Shana or something like that, Indian lady who worked on today shift (19 Jan 2013 at 5pm).

Then I went home to taste the burger…..found out it was tasteless….not sure why….

Even MacDonald’s provide much beta services and better burger than this burger chain!!!

If you are thinking about having burger I would suggest you go for “burger fuel”, higher quality burger and excellent service!!!

Unless you don’t care and just want waste your $$$$ with that kinda poor service or food….

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16th January 2013
4 star rating
I was here the day after they opened, and have been there 6 times since. They share the char grilled technique with Burger King, but that’s all they share. Carl’s Jr tastes far better and is presented better, burgers are bigger and faster. The skin-on fries taste better too. Only once were my fries not as hot as I’d like, but it was 15 minutes to closing and I was the last person there. I’ve never had hot fries at any BK here. The burgers can be a bit messy, especially with the lettuce-rather-than-bun option, but beats a dry burger from BK. And while hardly ‘healthy’ I like the lettuce option just because it tastes good! Why anyone would go to BK when there’s a Carls Jr is beyond me.

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10th January 2013
5 star rating
It was very busy when we were there the burgers are very big and fresh off the grill our order came very quick and was brought out to our table, the dinning room was being cleaned constantly by staff members which were very helpful in refilling our drinks when we ask, I would recomend comming here for a burger they are awsome, and the place is clean and friendly staff

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