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Big J’s Takeaways

5 star rating
27 reviews

Cuisine: Fast Food, Burgers, Mexican

4/1 Melton Rd
Mt Wellington
Auckland City
09 579 0340


  • Tues 12 noon – 9pm
  • Wed – Sat 11am – 9pm
  • Sun 11am – 8:30pm
  • Price Range: Cheap, Under $15
  • Takeaways: Yes
  • Dietary Restrictions: Vegetarian, Vegan
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner
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27 Reviews for Big J’s Takeaways



20th June 2014
5 star rating
Read so much about this place but only visited last week -we live around the corner but never buy local takeaways.
I had beef and mushroom burger- turned out to be the best burger I ever had! I usually don’t like onions at all, but these were so yum I was begging for more!
My husband had chicken and bacon burger and he thought it was phenomenal. The ingredients were fresh and well cooked.
Sweet potato wedges were exceptional- not greasy at all.
We will definitely be coming back and make it our weekly takeaway treat. You are the best.

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18th June 2014
4 star rating
One of the best burgers I’ve ever had and cant wait to come back and try the rest of the menu! Service was great but cant believe how busy this place gets. Order took about 15 minutes but definitely worth the wait!! Tip you can always place a phone order, half the people coming in were all pick ups.

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2nd June 2014
5 star rating
Your burgers are legendary. Not only for quality but for the price.

Worth the drive. Find a nice place to eat, maybe at the park, on a hill, wherever, and enjoy.

You guys certainly know what you are doing!

Very filling. Equal to our homemade burgers. Yum yum!!!!

I’ll always be back!!!

Visited November 2013

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16th May 2014
5 star rating
Putting it simply, no other burger can beat these ones. People are friendly place looks clean food is absolutely divine, flavours oh I hate writing this review as my mouth is watering. I have visited twice this year as unfortunately I am a hour hour drive away. Hope they open up another place closer to me in the city. Visited for lunch April 2014 with work members

Visited April 2014

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Mary U.


2nd May 2014
4 star rating
Had to go based on the reviews,.
Order the burger with mushrooms. was amazing. Not sure where the mushrooms were but plenty of onions which tasted caramalized.

The burger was HUGE and amazing value. Not sure about their onion rings. batter was not that great. I would give five stars if it wasn’t for the wait. 30 minutes for a burger, but other than that. I suggest phone ahead for your order rather than wait around. Was outstanding!!

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19th April 2014
5 star rating
What a great burger joint and the best part is Big J’s Takeaways isn’t trying to impress with flashy advertising or self righteous claims about ingredients or sticking it to the big boys.
They just deliver great food at reasonable prices from a little shop tucked away in the back of suburbia. Luckily for me I’m only a few streets over so popping down for my burger fix isn’t much of a trip.
If only every corner store had a chip shop of Big J’s quality beside it. Try everything once, you won’t regret it.

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4th April 2014
4 star rating
We had Big Js for lunch my partner he had the Chimichanga and I had a bacon chicken burger. The chimichanga was crunchy and very flavorsome the bacon and chicken burger was very tasty and the bun was lightly toasted which was perfect often it can be over toasted. The chip serving was small but we felt it was just enough chips were were so fill we did not need to eat dinner that night. The food is very well priced the presentation and taste is moreish we look forward to returning especially as we live relatively close.

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27th March 2014
5 star rating
Best burgers and best customer service. I’m pregnant and being my first I’m very fussy about food safety. I emailed the team to ask if the aioli is homemade as its made with raw eggs and if they would mind if the lettuce is extra washed. Lettuce can carry listeria. I got a reply very quickly saying they can swap the aioli for a safe mayo. So the next day I phone ordered and the girl who took the order had to ask about the substitution. I was told that the chef has specially went and brought the mayo for me. I had mentioned in the email that the next day was my birthday and when I picked up my order the chef was very nice and didn’t mind accommodating to my needs and wished me a happy birthday. The burgers were amazing, and I would highly recommend these burgers.

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10th March 2014
5 star rating
I love Big Js. This place is always really busy so it pays to order over the phone first. LOVE the wraps and raw fish yummo!! I don’t hesitate recommending this place to all of my friends who live or work in the area.

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19th February 2014
5 star rating
Damn seriously tasty burgers
Read their review here and thought these are pretty big boasts about this place. It’s in a part of Mt Wgtn which should be called, “hole in the wall” because it’s on the ass end of the suburb. A very unusual place to sell gourmet burgers. In saying that, if you’re good they will come and they certainly come!
Waltzed in on a lazy Sat a’noon. Ordered the burger of the week (as recommended by the young woman who served me), a chilli dog & battered fish just to compare the standard wares! Surprised to see a few diners here, while I waited on my order there must of been half a dozen people walk in to pick up big phoned in work orders.
The place is very clean, smart n smelled airey n fresh, the staff nicely uniformed n pretty flat out cooking up orders!
I took my food home and hoed into the contents. The Portobello blue burger was damn good nicely layered chunks of beef, the cheese, mushroom, bacon and secret sauce was generous. It was damn tasy. Wife got angry cos I hoofed the whole lot down while she was on the phone blabbing away to her mum (for 2 hours). The fish I ordered was the cheapest on the board. It was nicely cooked and crispy, a fairly thick fillet, nicely salted with good lemon juice flavor coming thru! The chilly dog had a kick in it and cheaply priced. It was okay but I should have gone with the more expensive dog & snapper that the girl who served me had recommended!
Only improvement I could recommend for Big J and his wife is maybe have the other staff do a bit of serving on the counter. Help boost their confidence in dealing with people. If they want a career in hospitality or want to run a business you need to hone your communication skills. A flashed smile ,eye contact n a greeting acknowledging your customer isn’t going to hurt you (Check the Health n Safety manuals??)
Highly rate the gourmet burgers here, Well done guys

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29th December 2013
5 star rating
These guys are not kidding when they say they have the best burgers in Auckland. These taste like the best home made burgers you can make, with fresh good quality ingredients, generous size and full of flavour.

I ordered the vegetarian falafel burger, it had a really delicious thick patty, lots of lettuce and tomato, caramelised onions and mushrooms topped with aioli. The prices are great too.

The only thing I can fault is the long wait time – we waited 40 minutes for our burgers (in all fairness though we were told of the wait time when we ordered which we were fine with) and I’m told an hour wait is fairly normal due to the sheer number of orders coming in. The line was out the door and phone wouldn’t stop ringing – clearly the place is so popular they need to look at expanding to cater to the large volume of orders.

Definitely give it a try, but don’t wait til you are on the brink of starvation to order as there will likely be a long wait!

Visited November 2013

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2nd December 2013
4 star rating
Had the beef chimichangas … I honestly did not expect it to turn out yummier than expected (the crust was crispy and fresh-tasting.. which is rare for a takeaway place serving chimichangas!).

My colleague had the beef burger – it was massive and laden with all sorts of scrumptious ingredients (good thing they were generous with the brie cheese – I like places that are generous like that).

The chips that came with our meals were average though – although it was nice to be presented options on various types of salt you can have on your chips with. haha.

Not bad for a cheap and quick lunch takeaway experience in Mount Wellington.

Visited November 2013

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Rod K.


21st November 2013
5 star rating
Wow. Magical journey on a rainbow to burger town!

Was guided on my adventure by helpful staff.

Massive flavor explosions….


Go Italian stallion Burger!!!!

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14th November 2013
5 star rating
Big Js is exceptional, forget anywhere else and make the drive.

Freakishly fantastic burgers and hotdogs, cheapest anywhere and the staff are super lovely. Do ring ahead and order as its so popular that the queue is generally out the door, and with good reason!

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11th November 2013
5 star rating
Without doubt the best burgers available in Auckland or even NZ for that matter, I’ve recently come back from a trip to Queenstown and visited the mighty Fergburger and that is not a patch on this place, the burger of the week is always a joy and the accompaniments are fantastic also, where else can you go and get offered 4 different type of salts for your fries, and the chocolate mousse is amazing i highly recommend this place the best burger in town

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18th October 2013
5 star rating
10/10 always, this little gem is so hidden, but make the best burgers I’ve ever had. The weekly specials are always a treat and the price is a bargain. Kumara wedges are to die for!!!

I heard rumours they were also looking to add a new store, I kinda hope it’s not near me as I wouldn’t leave…

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6th October 2013
5 star rating
The burgers here completely kick Carl Jr, Burger Fuel, Velvet Burger, you name it, in the teeth!

I must say that I was quite skeptical at first, since the store isn’t very big and the prices appear way to low for any quality burger. It was a little drive, but the trip was absolutely worth it. Hell, if I go nitty gritty about it the petrol cost was probably less than the extra bucks I would have spent at another burger place.

Massive burgers, jaw-droppingly low price and innovative recipes are what Big J is all about. Constantly, the burger genius behind the store would come up with new ideas to entice our cravings.

They weren’t exaggerating. Big J really is the home of Auckland’s best burgers.

Visited September 2013

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27th September 2013
5 star rating
Simply the best burgers and chips in NZ. I have to show great strength of character to drive by this road every day and not call in. Such is the power of this shop, you will find suits mixing with construction workers at lunchtime. Why people buy franchise food? when this meca is here.

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Liv W.


11th September 2013
5 star rating
These guys do amazing burgers.
I had a falafel burger for $6, and it was awesome value. The patty was thick and beautiful. I kept saying ‘how did they make this?!’ as I was munching through it. It was just that good.

Big J’s is a bit out of the way for us, but the drive was worth it for a lunchtime trip out from the office for something different.

My friend had the burger of the day for $10, which looked amazing too.

Also the crumbed camembert sticks were crispy and cheesy in all the right ways, if a little greasy and naughty. The accompanying dip was delish too.

The service was fast as well.

Visited August 2013

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22nd August 2013
5 star rating
Best burgers in Auckland no exaggeration. Love the burgers of the week really creative and fresh ingredients. Fish and chips also really good, been meaning to have one of the wraps but I’ll assume those are good aswel

One in town would kill it.

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29th July 2013
5 star rating
Best burgers in town good fresh ingredients and great value, feel like I should pay more every time I go. They have a burger of the week which is a unique burger only avaliable for a week (which they post on their fb), and also the fish and chips are amazing

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Noms B.


8th June 2013
5 star rating
Definitely the best burgers around!
They have a different creative burger each week. Big J’s has great size, flavour and value. It gets so busy on Fridays that you have to order about an hour ahead.
I always come away satisfied :)

Visited May 2013

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30th April 2013
5 star rating
Talking about takeaways, burger, fish and chips…

BIG J’S !!!

Is unbelievable experience, big burger, great staff…small staff , only Jason and his wife, but quality , clean, great food…is only over there. I know Jason for years, is those dudes that love food and loves cooking…

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28th April 2013
5 star rating
BEST BURGERS IN NZ…love the fish burgers, raw fish & cheesecakes are delicious. Reasonably priced and give you a good serving of chips. Love their homemade sauces. Check them out on facebook. Friendly staff too. Highly recommend. You might want to ring ahead to order as they are always busy

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Cam B.


11th April 2013
5 star rating
Moved nearby about a year ago and couldn’t ask for a better local takeaway food shop! Consistently excellent quality food whether its fish and chips, burgers or the legendary chimichangas!

Cool staff also and their prices are very reasonable given the high quality of the food.

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3rd April 2013
5 star rating
Delicious food. Big Js rock! Always clean/fresh oil unlike most takeaway stores it’s disgusting. Big J’s please add that extra chips when ordered. 5dollar chips is like 3dollar sometimes even 2dollar chips. Moneys worth guys. Other than that. Keep up the good work. Happy to recommend you guys to others.

Visited March 2013

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16th August 2012
5 star rating
If you haven’t tried Big J’s head there now.

The BEST burgers both in taste and price in South Aucks.
Their fish and chips are a cut above the average place too, fresh fish and clean oil.

And they have chilli/lemon pepper/chicken salt for your chips.

Cannot emphasise how good they are.

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