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3_half star rating
out of 27 reviews

175 Jackson St
Lower Hutt City
04 589 5502

“Going by the previous reviews I don’t know if things have changed or we just caught them on a bad day or perhaps their worst day ever. Firstly after waiting for someone to come and take our orders for some time we were informed that we would have to go to the bar and order and pay for our meals there as we would have to do with any subsequent drinks or desert orders as the manager was sick of people doing runners. We were forewarned it was busy out there and a long wait was to be expected. By the time my companion was back from doing the dinner order – it was time for my trip to the bar for another drink. My companion ordered the burger. The bread bun was visibly stale and the coleslaw appeared at least three days old going by the soggy discoloured state of it. I ordered the stone grill steak –which arrived on a cold stone. I was assured to the point of being argued with that this 1/2inch thick chunk of meat would cook itself given there was not even the slightest sizzle from the stone. It was then suggested it would cook quicker if I cut it up into tiny slithers. If I had wanted stir fry that is what I would have ordered. It was accompanied by one mushroom and a wedge of onion with a few chucks of cauliflower on the side and what looked like fried soggy mashed potato. A far cry from what was described as “a superb taste on the stone, served with roast portabello mushroom and semi roast tomato with crushed gourmet potatoes and steamed vegetables and a rich red wine jus”. Our complaints were met with arguments by whom I presume was the maître d . The meal was removed –with no comment on how they intended to address the issues until a waitress went to find out upon my request. A subsequent refund was plonked on the table without apology by the maitre d . I would not recommend this place to anyone I liked”

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