Menu Mania

Technical Overview

Note: Be sure to read through our API overview before you begin development.

The MenuMania API is REST (Representational State Transfer) API and this API allows you to:

  • retrieve restaurant, review and rating information for a particular location.
  • display reviews and information for a particular restaurant.
  • track recent reviews for a particular restaurant.
  • display pictures of highly rated local eating places
  • determine a particular restaurant's review and rating information based on the phone number for that business.

The default output is XML (Extensible Markup Language) and also provide output in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

Common API Parameters

The following parameter must be included in all API requests.


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
MMWSID string required The "MenuMania Web Service ID" (mmwsid) that was provided when access to the MenuMania API was granted.


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description Potential Values
output string optional Enables response to be requested in different formats. If this parameter is not specified then XML will be used as the default output format. "xml" - Extensible Markup Language.
"json" - JavaScript Object Notation.